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Al Ford is many things (the man that hired me for the Zone, Sonic 102.9‘s Program Director) and one of those things is rock & roll photog.

Back in 1991, a little known Seattle band came to Victoria to open for Alice in Chains and Al was there to capture it all.

Jerry Cantrell :: picture Al Ford

Jerry Cantrell's Guitars :: picture Al Ford

Layne Staley :: picture Al Ford

Eddie Vedder :: picture Al Ford

Jeff Ament :: picture Al Ford


Years later, this concert would be immortalized in Rolling Stone.

>>  Rolling Stone 10-28-93 Five Against the World by Cameron Crowe

“An early turning point came onstage at a club called Harpo’s, in Victoria, British Columbia. It was Pearl Jam’s maiden tour, their first appearance away from a nurturing audience of Seattle friends. But this Canadian crowd was far more interested in getting drunk. In midset, Vedder decided to challenge the jaded audience, to wake them up. Unscrewing the 12-pound steel base of the microphone stand, Vedder sent it flying over their heads, like a lethal Frisbee. The steel disk crashed into the wall of the back bar. They woke up.

By some accounts this story may or may not have happened.  The jury is out on to the authenticity of the actual event s of the night.  But what is true, Cameron Crowe believed it and published it in Rolling Stone!


I blogged about this show before >> Vintage Victoria Rock History
Mike Devlin’s article on Pearl Jam’s Ten >> Vancouver Sun

Rolling Stone 1993

Go with yourself my jaded drunks.

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Man… now that I am reading other Top 10 and Top 50 lists… I am remembering more great records that I have missed.

Vancityrockgirl reminded me about TV on the Radio.

They topped Rolling Stone’s list of the Top 50 of the year.

Albums of the Year

Vampire Weekend, Of Montreal, Hot Chip, Metallica, The Black Keys, Santogold, kaiser Chiefs… man all records I jammed out in 2008.  I should have made a top 50.

And the more I think about it, the more I really should have included Beck’s Modern Guilt.  Bastard.


Hey, here is a story.

You can resell your MP3s?  neat-O.


The Sean Penn movie Milk is out soon (if it isn’t out already).  Based on a true story!

Truth is more fucked up than fiction.

OK, I gotta get to work.  Go with yourself.

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