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The White Stripes – “I’m Finding it Harder to be a Gentleman”

Big story today, The White Stripes called it quits officially.

I am not too sad in that… well the band hasn’t been functioning lately.  It was like a married couple that gets separated.  We’ve seen this coming… and now the paper just got served and its official.  Sad, but we’re glad they’re both happy now.

I like that they ended it, because it helps preserve the great amount of art they have created before.  They can’t become a parody of themselves.  PLUS, now we have a future “Oh My GAWD!” reunion show for Coachella to think about.

The White Stripes – “Fell In Love With a Girl”


I need to cut my nails.  I hate, HATE, H A T E typing with nails.  gross.


So I am pretty much obsessed with both the desert and the arctic.

If there is a documentary on my holy trinity of HD channels of Discovery World, Nation Geographic or Oasis on either hot or cold climates… I HAVE to watch it.

Saharan Africa… well I have my night planned out.  I know pathetic, I also have four channels of porn, but I’d rather hear about Timbuktu or Berber peoples.

The other day, there was a show about Hammerfest, Norway.  The northern most “city” in the world.

Such an adorable city.  If Canadian northern communities looked more like this and less like … uh, well less… I’d be living in Nunavut.

To be fair, there is a $10 BILLION dollar natural gas plant pumping $90 million dollars into the local economy every year… so, yeah, they can afford to pave a few streets and open a few pubs.

But I keep reading about all the potential of the Canadian North and how there *could* be riches buried beneath the ice or sea bed, but it sure ain’t no Hammerfest.

I may never make it to Hammerfest, but I do hope to one day get a chance to explore the Canadian Arctic.  There is a radio station in Iqaluit.  neat.

Go with yourself.

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Oslo. Wow!

I was talking about Laura’s blog on my radio show yesterday.  Her husband Dan is a former UVic PhD guy who got a gig in Switzerland crafting Blackholes and whatnots… and part of his job takes him around Europe.  They recently took a trip to Oslo, Norway.  Their adventure sounded pretty rad and Laura also took lots of pictures if you’re interested.  They saw a riot!

Laura’s Blog
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