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Lemon is  a performer from Toronto. She has a music Tumblr (yay music bloggers!).

She posted a synthy dark spin on the Nirvana classic that this Gen-Xer…(or maybe I’m an old Millennial?) can get behind.

Trolling her Soundcloud page, I also really enjoyed this cover of Peter Bjorn and John’s “Young Folks” she did with Wolf Saga.

Cool. Go with yourself.

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Trends… there are are trends out there in the world, like recycling.  And then there are personal trends, like music with no words.

Instrumentals is what the cool kids call them.  And lately, for me, I am all about it.

Peter Bjorn and John have a new record and guess what?  Instrumentals.

Peter Bjorn and John – bien!

I made a chill out playlist… I think I’ll add some PB&J and blog it up for you.  But my days crafting playlists might be coming to a close as iTunes has this Genius thing on iTunes now that makes a pretty sweet auto playlist.

Review: Pitchfork


Popular question on the Zone Phone today:

When do Nine Inch Nail tickets go on sale and who is the opening band?

Nine Inch Nails
Zone Show 161
December 5th, 2008 @ the Save-On Foods Memorial Centre

Tickets on-sale, Friday, September19th at 10 AM.
Prices start at $39.50 plus all the fees and what-nots.

Opening band is this dude from the UK called The Bug.  Savage.
MySpace: The Bug


Go with yourself.

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