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New music down the pipe from a couple Island artists (who might be living in Vancouver now?).

First…new music video from Johnny Galactic.

Rolla Olak checked in to share his alt-country jam.

Rolla Olak will be in the Nanoose Bay area for a show on October 5th with rising Island stars Towers and Trees. I *think* Jon Williams is MCing the event! No wait… he is MCing the Towers and Trees October 19th show at Canoe.

Go with yourself.

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An email from my homeboy Matt let me know that Rolla Olak will be opening for Vince Vaccaro on March 15th at Sugar Nightclub.

Zoners of a certain vintage year will remember a band of the month called Grace Nocturnal.  Then he joined Boy, a Canadian indie band of the mid-2000s.  They had a couple modern rock radio hits including this 2004 jam, “Up In This Town.”

These days, Rolla (who I believe is based out of Vancouver?) is doing a solo thing.  I’ve been listening to  his latest record Western Heart today and really feeling the song “Rainy Day.”  What a perfect sad, raining day song to dream about your crush to (or dwell on a love that went south?).

Go with yourself.

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