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An email from my homeboy Matt let me know that Rolla Olak will be opening for Vince Vaccaro on March 15th at Sugar Nightclub.

Zoners of a certain vintage year will remember a band of the month called Grace Nocturnal.  Then he joined Boy, a Canadian indie band of the mid-2000s.  They had a couple modern rock radio hits including this 2004 jam, “Up In This Town.”

These days, Rolla (who I believe is based out of Vancouver?) is doing a solo thing.  I’ve been listening to  his latest record Western Heart today and really feeling the song “Rainy Day.”  What a perfect sad, raining day song to dream about your crush to (or dwell on a love that went south?).

Go with yourself.

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My friend Razer is back in Victoria for a few days.  His band Acres of Lions got off the road at the end of the fall and immediately hopped into a Toronto studio to work on their new record.  Over a couple a few pints he previewed the new songs for me.  Sounding real good and I can’t wait to share them on this here blog when they come back from mixing.

If you are an industry friend or enjoy this blog from Toronto…please make a date with Acres of Lions at Canadian Music Week in March.

This is an older song but one of their more popular radio singles (at least on The Zone in Victoria and Sonic in Edmonton and maybe The Peak in Vancouver)

After we were done talking shop, we downed one more and fired on that Boy record.

Go with yourself.

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Happy New Year!  When the odometer finally ticks over to a new year I can’t help but think of that Death Cab for Cutie song “The New Year.”

“So this is the new year, and I don’t feel any different.”

I do reflect on the year that was, and I suppose like anyone I dream about the one to come.  But at the same time, today was a day like any other.  I mostly cleaned and looked after my kid.

January 1st is just a date on a calendar, but it is the first date on the calendar.  It is the beginning of 2013 and here is a song for new beginnings.

The duo based out of Germany is called Boy.  Not to be confused with the Canadian band by the same name, these ladies met while attending a music workshop in Hamburg.  Their record Mutual Friends is a big deal already, going Gold in Germany with 100,000 sold., and music videos that attract millions of views.  They have a song called “This Is The Beginning,” and I thought how perfect for January 1st.

Boy – “This Is The Beginning” 

Their record features Thomas Hedlund on drums…. he’s the dude from Phoenix! Well ain’t that a pip?


To think about New Year’s resolutions….

01) Drink organic milk.

I think my four year old is growing little boobies… and for that matter so am I.  Maybe its the hormones maaaaaaan, maybe its the lack of push-ups, but we’re flipping to organic milk.

02) Go Camping

2011 2012 2013 here we go!  I feel in my bones I want to be a camper/hiker, ADVENTURER, but I just don’t prioritize it.  I’ve gone a few times over the past couple summers, I wanna go more.  Basically, I want to be National Geographic magazine with everything I do.

03) Be Silly

Creativity doesn’t flow out of me like it used to.  I also used to smoke a lot of pot.  Maybe my resolution is to smoke pot?

Basically, I don’t fuck around much anymore.  Too worried about what people think, or ratings, or getting fired.  But in the process I play like the number 4 defence-man….you need him in the playoffs, but nobody’s buying his jersey.

04) Start a business

Not that I need MORE work…but there have been thoughts bouncing around my brain since I met Coral.  We’ve brainstormed about it for what?  6 years?  We always say, “we should do it!”  Maybe we should?


OK, I got one more song for you on January 1st and it too is not new…but new to me and fitting with these here times….

I’ve told you before about Sweden sister-act First Aid Kit. The Baauer remix of their song “Winter Is All Over You” came out at this time last year…but for whatever reason it was charting on Hype Machine (I have no idea how their algorithms works yet).  I hit play the other day and really enjoyed the sounds coming out of my shitty computer speakers.  Sounding even better at home through the headphones and also sounded good matched with Boy.

I got tomorrow off at the radio factory so I am going to spend the day returning some mis-fitted Christmas gifts, meet wedding couples and go ice skating!

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Go with yourself.

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