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Last week, Mother Mother were in town to perform a couple sold-out shows.

The band that was lucky enough to get the opener support spot was a group from Vancouver called Rococode.

Rococode feature the very lovely Laura Smith.  She is from Victoria and moved to Vancouver to go to music college.

There she hooked up with some guys to form a band and here we are…  Laura sent me a few songs and I have one to share on my blog with you today.

Rococode – “Weapon”

Download MP3 >> Weapon REV001 (2)

“Weapon” has that nice, very modern indie-rock, harmony sound thing going on.

I think Ryan Guldemond has something to do with these guys… maybe produced or helped record them? A couple members of the group also spend time as Tegan and Sara’s band. Good times.

Go with yourself.

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thank you Tyson for the picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tysonelder/

Vancouver’s Mother Mother came to the Capital City for a pair of Zone shows yesterday and Tuesday.  Like any quality rockers, they were sure to visit The Zone Afternoon Show… our time together was recorded and now it is time for sharing.

Interview >> Mother Mother

Ryan Guldemond and I briefly chatted about their work on some new music and a follow up to 2008’s O My Heart.  Then, they played a couple songs, both their radio hits, “O My Heart” and “Body of Years.”


Next up, it was time for Tom and Zach of Terminal City progressive rockers, The Zolas!  I like the Zolas because Zach listens to my radio show and I’m easy like that.

Interview >> The Zolas
Read >> The Zolas in Monday Magazine

Go with yourself.

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