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Trolling my “Big IN America” radio chart and dredging up a few fun, poppy alternative cuts.

Night Terrors of 1927 have a delightfully novel band name….and they have a song feature Canada’s favourite wonder twins Tegan & Sara.

Principle Jarrod Gorbel was in a group called The Honorary Title. After that band’s run, he teamed up with Rilo Kiley guitarist Blake Sennett. Their ep is called Anything to Anyone and is out thurrrr now.


The Eeries are from Los Angeles, California. I searched their name in the google and an article from Spin popped up about how Frances Bean Cobain is engaged to the lead singer.


Melanie Martinez was an interesting one to see on some US alternative stations. She  was a contestant on TV singing show The Voice. She does create pop music, but it has a slight edge and darkness to it which I guess is what is attracting some Alt-radio stations to give her a try. The song is catchy and beautifully performed so let’s give it a spin.

Go with yourself.

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Young Galaxy are normally getting remixed.  Today they do the mixing…check out their reworking of the Tegan & Sara super-single “Closer.

I am mightily excited for Young Galaxy’s Ultramrine out on April 23rd.

Go with yourself…. and HAPPY FRIDAY!

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I’ve been on the new Tegan and Sara record today. Such an easy listen. I want to say fun, but lyrically they’re generally talking about hating themselves and breakups. But it sounds fun?

This Knocks remix is climbing the Hype Machine charts.  I wanted to post the song “I Was a Fool” but I have a poor person’s music blog and 0’s and 1’s wouldn’t let me.

I’ll be interviewing Sara of Tegan and Sara fame today… FUN!

Happy Friday my friends.  I’ll see you tonight at Veneto Lounge if you’re going out.


I have preschool fundraiser coming up. FUN ATTACK!


Go with yourself.

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Last week, Mother Mother were in town to perform a couple sold-out shows.

The band that was lucky enough to get the opener support spot was a group from Vancouver called Rococode.

Rococode feature the very lovely Laura Smith.  She is from Victoria and moved to Vancouver to go to music college.

There she hooked up with some guys to form a band and here we are…  Laura sent me a few songs and I have one to share on my blog with you today.

Rococode – “Weapon”

Download MP3 >> Weapon REV001 (2)

“Weapon” has that nice, very modern indie-rock, harmony sound thing going on.

I think Ryan Guldemond has something to do with these guys… maybe produced or helped record them? A couple members of the group also spend time as Tegan and Sara’s band. Good times.

Go with yourself.

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CRC 93 starts off with one of the more interesting indie rockers I’ve heard in awhile.  The artist goes by Eat the Weeds. She has some world beat type stuff going on.  Nanaimo metal band Look Medusa have a terrible band bio write up, but fun straight forward epic style of hard rock.  I almost hear a little Fu Manchu in there?  I hope so, I like the Fu.  My friend Tyson got a job touring with Florida punks Against Me! I interviewed him last week at the start of their cross Canada tour and then launch into Tyson’s band Acres of Lions.  The show ends with a remix of Tegan and Sara done by local Victoria DJ Murge.  Murge taught me at DJ school!  what a guy.

Thank you for downloading Capital Rock City, please tell a friend about your experience.

Come Get some, download: Capital Rock City #93

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DJ Notes

01) Eat the Weeds – “Open Loop Design”
02) Look, Medusa! – “The Magic Word”
03) Acres of Lions – “Dance Sequence”
04) Tegan and Sara – “Walking With A Ghost (DJ Murge Remix)”

Man, I hate being the dick, but I had to come down on Hey! Medusa’s band bio.  They’re not the first band I’ve had to call out on the podcast for terribleness… but maybe, just maybe the last?  Anyways, here we go.  Maybe you got some thoughts, maybe you’re a writer and can send the boys some help.

Look, Medusa! is a schizophrenic mixture of sweet metal licks and powerful pop sensibility, packed to the rim with so much emotion that you’ll need a lifetime prescription for Prozac.

It all started as a basement metal band in the Summer of ’06, dedicating half of every band practice to catching the latest episodes of Beverly Hills 90210. Now Look, Medusa! is committed to creating a unique and resonant sound to identify with what each of us has gone through, both collectively and individually. As we’ve grown, so too has our sound. As our minds have evolved, so too have our awesome rock-related superpowers.

Right now, Look, Medusa! is recording for their upcoming album at Victoria’s Infinity Studios with Adam Sutherland. The eclectic mix will delve into every musical taste the band has experienced to date, to prove that they’ve got what it takes to escape the island and make it.

I got a few problems with the bio, but chiefly… who even watches 90210?  They do episodes on the dangers of Sexting?  Shenae Grimes is pretty adorable I guess… if you like that sorta thing, but an inspiration for your brand of metal?

That said, a pretty enjoyable, straight forward metal-type sound.

That’s all I got, talk to you next week. Go with yourself.

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Doh!  I didn’t save the audio from my most recent interview with the Quin twins, Tegan & Sara.  But Two took pictures so I have photographic proof!

Interviewing Tegan :: 20091221

Interviewing Tegan :: 20091221

Sara and Tegan Quin :: 20091221


Ok, I wanna run and get a couple last minute presents and need to be back for noon to get the bird ready for the oven, the presents wrapped and the first rum and eggnog down the hatch (might even have a couple Winter Ales hiding somewhere).

So punch up Its a Capital Rock City Christmas! look at Eric Porchers’ inspirational Christmas message, try to find Vancityrockgirl’s Breakfast Muffins and I’ll see you maybe tonight at the Clubhouse or rapping at cha on The Zone on Boxing Day.

Oh that film 500 Days of Summer was cute… Mika Friday Night Lights chick is barely in it; but Zooey The chick from Elf is super adorable so its all good.  That’s all I got.

Merry Christmas …. with yourself?  sure.

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Thank you for finding Capital Rock City #80.  I hope you like my weekly indie rocker podcast so much you’ll consider sharing it with a friend, subscribing and rating/commenting on iTunes and of course, coming back next week for CRC 81 LIVE from the Black Stilt Coffee House.

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DJ Notes

01) Acres of Lions – “Dance Sequence”
02) Said the Whale – “Goodnight Moon”
03) Hannah Georgas – “The national”
04) Missing Starla – “Girlfriend in a Coma (III)”
05) Porchlife – “Who Are You”

The show starts with AOL’s new music video song “Dance Sequence.”  What a groovy video, if you haven’t seen it click here.

Acres of Lions are in action locally on Saturday the 14th when they support the Armchair Cynics.


I tell the story on the podcast about my daughter Madelyn’s current obsession with book the “Goodnight Moon.”  She is not the only one, Said the Whale wrote a song inspired by the book (and its not the only literarialy inspired song on the podcast this week… how smart).

Hannah Georgas wrote a song about The National!  I *heart* The National so I had to hear this song.  So pretty.  what a gem.

Twitter: Said the Whale
Twitter: Hannah Georgas

Missing Starla finally heard an old podcast I did where I told the story about their name.  Victor sent me an email:

(…) The first is a slow mellow song called Girlfriend in a Coma Part III. It’s a song inspired by Douglas Coupland’s Book called, Girlfriend in Coma, which was inspired by the Smiths song: Girlfriend in a Coma(hence the part III). What’s also interesting about this song is that it is in a contest on ourstage.com and is riding in 15th out of 593 entries. So, if people want to go and vote for it or other independent artists they can do so at http://www.ourstage.com (…) Awhile back on your show you talked about the band Missing Starla and how they got their name. It seems we share a link: Irene and Derrick have come to some of our earlier shows ha!. We wanted to thank you for mentioning us on your show. Sorry, it took so long we recently got word that there was a blurb about us at the Zone through Franco.

If you are interested we would love to do a feature with you or be involved somehow with your show. Here is a link to our webpage: http://www.missingstarla.com

Presently, we are playing a show in Langley on the 12th, back in Vancouver for the 28th at the Yale and real soon going to start working on a new record.

Once again, thank you so much for that blurb, we appreciated it and I hope we can work together one day soon.

All the best,

Missing Starla


and show ends with a classic Vic indie rocker, Porchlife.  Wow, my email from Nick the Viking sums this up best:

Hey man – I’m sending you 6 files via yousend it – 2 demo tracks and 4 lives tracks from Porchlifewe found em in an old pizza pops box haha


the sound on the demos is ok, i’m sure you’ll cringe at the live stuff though.

the band was made up of Steve Baker, vocals (still doing music, just not publicly much unfortunately – has a killer voice!) – Ted Gowans, guitar (now Tegan and Sara)- Dono Rush, bass (now hitting the charts on Kool FM with Santa Clara) – Cory Monteith, drums (some actor or something I think…haha)

it was recorded in 2001 and I think the demo tracks were done by Adam Sutherland back when he was in Limestone! crazy.

enjoy man.



Good times.  Thank you for downloading my show and I hope you’ll take the time to share the link with a friend.  Talk to you next week.

Go with yourself.

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Glee Cory Monteith

It was a magical few minutes I shared with Victoria’s Cory Monteith.  Cory plays the character Finn on the musical situation comedy Glee.

My day begun today trying to track down Cory (see, I supposed to interview him on Monday but uh oh… I forgot).  We were exchanging Facebook messages at around 10 something this morning when I heard Whoopi on The View (I watch it daily) say, “Coming up, actor Cory Monteith from Glee…”  SWA?  That’s a trip I am messaging the guy right now on Facebook.

Low and behold, in New York they have the internet and he messaged back.

Have a Listen: Cory Monteith on The Zone Afternoon Show

Cory and I talk about how great Whoopi is, how he landed the role of Finn on Glee, growing up in Victoria, his fave actor on Glee is Jane Lynch because she is hilarious, and he used to be in a band in Victoria called Porch Life AND they actually played a Zone show or two at Steamers opening for old Zone Bands of the Month!  wow.  Oh and he is friends with Tegan and Sara guitarist Ted Gowans.

OK, good talk.

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Thank you Mike Devlin for sending this amazing link to us here at the Zone.

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