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Numark NSFX for the NS7.

made a little/big capital investment for my DJ rig today.

The Numark NSFX.  It is an effects controller for my NS7 Serato Itch DJ rig.  They discontinued this thing because they now integrate the effects in all new NS7s (as they always should have!).  Since I’m a loser and bought mine last year before the change, I’d need this add on if I want to try and do some interesting mixes and blends and noises.

Watch>> some dude a 1000 times better than me rock the NSFX

Watch>> some guy give a more boring but practical demo of the NSFX

I am excited to try it.  I won’t have it till next week as it had to be brought in from Calgary.  I’ve had some very positive feedback from people interested in my DJing and I’d like to slowly start working toward being a performing DJ instead of just a classic hits pub/lounge guy. Actually my lounge set hopefully will get pretty groovy too with this set up.

I got a very nice email from a DJ in Singapore last night.  he was trolling Mixcloud and found one of my earlier mixes, “One is Not Enough” and liked it!

He is going to feature it on his radio show.  No word of a lie, I blushed a little.

Last weekend Lars Taylor stopped by The Veneto Lounge and asked if I’d ever consider opening a show (like opening opening… like while the bar staff is still counting their floats) for a touring DJ.  Considered it?

well yes… but like, no.

But now its a yes!  I got to get practicing.

The new set I am working on is called “Don’t You Want To Know What’s Out There” (based on the Explorers… right).

Good name… but now I need some good music.  I better get on that tonight.

Go with yourself.

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Playing around with the Vestax VCI-300 controller for Serato Itch while I also low roast some ribs and experiment with an epic coleslaw.  I love a good slaw, but I absolutely hate bad slaw.  Really detest it.

Lots of pretty songs including the new one from Holy Fuck to lead off the set.

The set starts very atmospheric and then gradually builds to a more driving beat before finally returning to earth with Shady Bard. To be honest, I think I heard “Torch Song” on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy (kill me now). I had forgotten about this song until just the other night. I was trolling through my iTunes and it randomly popped up. What a pleasant surprise.

Click to Listen: Don’t wait for the needle to drop


DJ Notes

01) Holy Fuck – “Latin America” (MP3)
02) Dosh – “Don’t Wait For The Needle To Drop”
03) Charlotte Gainsbourg – “Time of the Assassins (Matthew Dear remix)” (MP3)
04) Tegan & Sara – “Alligator (Four Tet Remix)”
05) Memory Cassette – “Asleep at a Party”
06) Tobacco – “Hairy Candy”
07) WNYC Radio Lab :: This is your brain on Music
08) Classixx – “I’ll Get You”
09) The xx – “Crystallized”
10) Shady Bard – “Torch Song”

If you digging this set and want to hear some more mixes, don’t be shy… click away.

I love you but you’re terrible at…
Vanilla, Lavender, Comfort
One is not enough
Plants and records

Go with yourself.

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Vestax VCI-300 with Serato.

Friday night at Veneto, my sound started glitching out.  Very stressful thing to have happen to a DJ.  Saturday I took my Numark NS7 in to Long and McQuade for a check up, and while they cut her open to operate they lent me the Vestax VCI-300 Serato Itch controller.

When I was shopping for an Itch controller last winter, it was between the Numark and Vestax and I ended up with Numark, so it was neat to see what could have been….

The Vestax is cheaper… and L&M they’ll run you about $1,100 vs. north of $1,700 for the Numark.  The Numark is also huge in comparison.  I chose the Numark because it is closer in feel to record turntables and I like being able to “grab” my songs and fly around a track.  The Vestax to me feels more dainty.  But I love that it is so small and easy to carry around, set up, takes way less space and is just… well less.

I already think, when I have the Numark paid off, maybe I’ll get a Vestax too!  I’ll need some practise with the Vestax, because right now, I am awkward on it.  If the Numark is on the DL for an extended period of time I can get some practise in on the Vestax.

If I am going to be able to get a new mix up this week for Huckdoll, it’ll need to be on the Vestax!

Go with yourself.

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Alrighty friends my first experiment with a podcast mix.  I uploaded it to Mixcloud for your streaming pleasure as I have not upgraded my blog for audio yet and likely won’t for a bit as I still decide… uhhh stuff.

Have a Listen: Plants and Records MIX

I figured out how to record a Serato Itch mix and set my Numark NS7 up in my living room on the coffee table.  I plugged in to my home stereo for a monitor.  A little dance party at Casa La Corj while everyone is asleep.

Then I  imported the file into Garageband and fooled around in there adding a little voice intro and bed.  I still had troubles getting around Garageband.  It feels very awkward to me to edit with this software, but I’m sure with time and practise it’ll come.

Lets talk about the music.


DJ Notes

01) Neon Indian – “Should Have Taken Acid With You”
02) Millionyoung – “Cynthia”
03) Kleerup – “Until We Bleed (Feat. Lykke Li)”
04) Winter Gloves – “Invisible”
05) Memory Cassette – “Surfin”
06) Frightened Rabbit – “Things”

And I do feature a taste of Cassie’s award winning Buckerfield’s commercial, hence the inspiration for the title of the mix.  The voice is Sheldon.

I downloaded her commercial last week to hear her great work writing and Sheldon’s production.  As I sat down today to draft up a mix and practise, I punched up the commercial (I am such a procrastinator) and played it through my rig.  It changed the whole direction and I needed to kick off with Neon Indian’s tale of regret… man he really should have taken acid with you then removed this clothes and jumped in the swimming pool.  Funny story… that exact same thing happened to me many moons ago in another life.

Millionyoung is pretty hot right now, I read about his style of chillwave on Pitchfork and downloaded the ep.  I love it, its like the emo of electronic beats.

I don’t hate this presentation until my final mix from Winter Gloves into Memory Cassette which I fuck up pretty good.  What can you do?  The whole set is basically 120 beats per minute, give or take, until Frightened Rabbit.

I hope you enjoy the 20 minutes.

Go with yourself.

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My man James from LoadingReadyRun came over today to help me with the new Mac and to resurrect the Toshiba.  Success n both fronts… and we got to talking about podcasting.  I’ve been podcasting for many years now, and being a radio mucky muck, I have access to a professional audio studio, a tech guy, music, and production libraries.  Good times.  BUT I find it has left me a little ignorant on the hows and the whys and the whats.  I can make a podcast, but I feel that without this support from the radio station, I could never crank one out myself.

Now, oddly enough, I feel like I am learning about the nuts and bolts of podcasting again from scratch.  James and his team at LLR jam out a weekly podcast just like Capital Rock City.  Their podcast is a 40 minute yak fest where a bunch of dudes sit around and riff on video games.  I wanted to know how they do it.  James basically explained they use a USB mic called the Samson C03U.  They record into GarageBand which is an audio editor software that comes with the MacBook.  I have been poking around Garageband and find it weird, seeing as I have used Cool Edit pro for a hundred years and Pro-Tools sometimes.  What I like about Garageband is that it seems built for podcasting and will let me do a bunch of stuff that I see on other podcasts that I have wondered about.  Like inserting pictures and having them change during the broadcast.  neat.  It’ll take sometime to figure it out and I’ll need a mic (think I’ll see about a Samson), but you might be hearing some early demo podcasts on here pretty soon.

Another inspiring thing that should help get some new show ideas out there is streaming the shows on this here blog.  Amanda over at the Indie Files was very helpful in explaining how to rock an audio player on the blog. Check out an MP3 post she made that features the songs she is talking about.

Your likely thinking, “holy fuck Jeremy, that is some blogging 101 stuff there.”  But not for me, I’ve seen that on so many blogs and always wanted to do that on my blog when i’m yapping about music, or quickly jam out a little podcast to play some audio for you… and now finally I think I can.

You’ll likely be hearing and seeing some practise over the next couple weeks as I flirt with Garageband, WordPress, Serato and this Mac, creating podcasts and publishing the content.

Thank you James for your computer knowledge and help and to Amanda for the email.

Oh and the Toshiba lives. Nice.

Go with yourself.

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Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning.

Whoa man, whoa.


This here is just plain nerdtastic and goes on my wish list.

I wanted to get Serato but the problem I continually run into is money… but here I can get a contained, small machine that does the job for under $1,000.  Serato Itch.  And I do think our current laptop is powerful enough to run it.  fun.  I have some goals for 2009 and stepping up performance is A-1!  Need some tools and need some practise.

Go with yourself.

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