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Finished the most mighty of weekends… a couple fundraisers and a couple weddings made for a busy 4 days.  Somewhere in that mix I had to try and be a dad and do you know… my actual job on the Zone.

Focus was required, but hard to come by as I have my eyes firmly planted on Friday, September 23rd… Rifflandia!

OK, so Rifflandia actually begins on the Thursday, Friday is when Boitano and me DJ at the Phillips Brewery stage.  Friday night at 9PM.  After DJ Anger… and later that night; Michael Rault then one of our favourites at the Zone, Toronto’s Ko takes the stage.  Boitano says that Broken Social Scene ends just as we start… so I get if you have them as a “must see!” but maybe you’ll truly endeavour to bee-line to Phillips to catch the end of our set.  We’d really love to see some friendlies in the audience.

For our set… we are thinking that we’ll mainly try and focus on Modern Rock Remixes (Think Boitano’s Mixtape) to keep us on point for people that come to check us out.  That said… well I love my modern electronic stuff from M83 and the new Neon Indian.  I’ll try to squish them in if I can… early in the set.

I did fin a monster remix of the True Blood soundtrack!  Heavy electronic… and Vampires!  Oh My!

Jace Everett – “Bad Things” (Mister Gray Dubstep Remix)

Download MP3 >> Bad Things (True Blood Theme) (Mister Gray Dubstep Remix)

Savage.  I heard that jammer on the XM Alt Nation remix show on Saturday night.  DJ Liquid also played this remix from Oasis.

Oasis – “Wonderwall” (Figure Drumstep edit)

Download MP3 >> Wonderwall (Figure Drumstep Edit)

I’ll be choosing about half the songs so I want to include M83‘s “Midnight City” because I am obsessed.

Another song I am enjoying is Neon Indian’s “Polish Girl.”

Neon Indian – “Polish Girl”

Download MP3 >> 02 Polish Girl

I also have a remix of Two Door Cinema Club‘s “What You Know.”

OK so that is almooooooost 30 minutes.  Any requests?  And before you ask, yes I have made a commitment to end the set with Brian McNight’s 1999 slow jam anthem “Back At One.” (uhhhh if Boitano will let me and the people don’t have a revolution against me).

Right, requests… whaddya got?

Go with yourself.

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I want to be the Johnny Appleseed of the Sleigh Bells.  The song “Rill Rill” is a current favourite of sexual energy.  Not even sexual… more like first date, holding-hands and watching Titanic on the couch energy.

If I made a makeout jams playlist.  Side one, track one is Sleigh Bells “Rill Rill.”

When she gets going on about the braces and her boyfriend’s opinion… well I just hope it is more innocent than maybe its intended to be.

I had a pile of excitement when A) we added Sleigh Bells to the feature rotation here at The Zone and B) they are playing in Vancouver at the Vogue on May 25th.  I don’t know if I;d be lucky enough to go, but if I do… the opening band also has my ear.

Neon Indian is a group I have played tons during my lounge sets at Veneto. if I remember correctly, they were never a chillwave group my fellow chillwaver Huckdoll could get behind… but then, maybe she DID take acid with you, took her clothes off and jumped int he swimming pool.  Sadly, I did not… and so the regret lingers. And that is what makes the Neon Indian song, “Should Have Taken Acid With You” so great (to me).  Hipster regret.

Neon Indian – “Should Have Taken Acid With You”

Download MP3>> Neon Indian – Should Have Taken Acid With You

The lyrics are so simple… and yet the story so poignant.  Why didn’t you take acid with you ex-girlfriend Alan?  maybe she wouldn’t now be an ex?

But then, because you didn’t, you wrote an apology… that apology became a song and now you’re Neon Indian.

Crazy that Alan comes to that fork in the road in life.  Path is chosen, or chosen for him… and here we are.

Maybe he does the easy thing but then without the challenge, there would be no art?  Maybe he does the art but misses out on something else?


And I love the mighty remix.

Neon Indian – “Should Have Taken Acid With You” (Future Rock Remix)

Download MP3>> Neon Indian – Should Have Taken Acid With You (Future Rock Remix)

Now I might be too old to be dropping some acid… but the sentiment remains… you should probably do it.  Sometimes the world calls for bold action…   or not… but then write a really good song about it.

Go with yourself.

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Alrighty friends my first experiment with a podcast mix.  I uploaded it to Mixcloud for your streaming pleasure as I have not upgraded my blog for audio yet and likely won’t for a bit as I still decide… uhhh stuff.

Have a Listen: Plants and Records MIX

I figured out how to record a Serato Itch mix and set my Numark NS7 up in my living room on the coffee table.  I plugged in to my home stereo for a monitor.  A little dance party at Casa La Corj while everyone is asleep.

Then I  imported the file into Garageband and fooled around in there adding a little voice intro and bed.  I still had troubles getting around Garageband.  It feels very awkward to me to edit with this software, but I’m sure with time and practise it’ll come.

Lets talk about the music.


DJ Notes

01) Neon Indian – “Should Have Taken Acid With You”
02) Millionyoung – “Cynthia”
03) Kleerup – “Until We Bleed (Feat. Lykke Li)”
04) Winter Gloves – “Invisible”
05) Memory Cassette – “Surfin”
06) Frightened Rabbit – “Things”

And I do feature a taste of Cassie’s award winning Buckerfield’s commercial, hence the inspiration for the title of the mix.  The voice is Sheldon.

I downloaded her commercial last week to hear her great work writing and Sheldon’s production.  As I sat down today to draft up a mix and practise, I punched up the commercial (I am such a procrastinator) and played it through my rig.  It changed the whole direction and I needed to kick off with Neon Indian’s tale of regret… man he really should have taken acid with you then removed this clothes and jumped in the swimming pool.  Funny story… that exact same thing happened to me many moons ago in another life.

Millionyoung is pretty hot right now, I read about his style of chillwave on Pitchfork and downloaded the ep.  I love it, its like the emo of electronic beats.

I don’t hate this presentation until my final mix from Winter Gloves into Memory Cassette which I fuck up pretty good.  What can you do?  The whole set is basically 120 beats per minute, give or take, until Frightened Rabbit.

I hope you enjoy the 20 minutes.

Go with yourself.

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