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Numark NSFX for the NS7.

made a little/big capital investment for my DJ rig today.

The Numark NSFX.  It is an effects controller for my NS7 Serato Itch DJ rig.  They discontinued this thing because they now integrate the effects in all new NS7s (as they always should have!).  Since I’m a loser and bought mine last year before the change, I’d need this add on if I want to try and do some interesting mixes and blends and noises.

Watch>> some dude a 1000 times better than me rock the NSFX

Watch>> some guy give a more boring but practical demo of the NSFX

I am excited to try it.  I won’t have it till next week as it had to be brought in from Calgary.  I’ve had some very positive feedback from people interested in my DJing and I’d like to slowly start working toward being a performing DJ instead of just a classic hits pub/lounge guy. Actually my lounge set hopefully will get pretty groovy too with this set up.

I got a very nice email from a DJ in Singapore last night.  he was trolling Mixcloud and found one of my earlier mixes, “One is Not Enough” and liked it!

He is going to feature it on his radio show.  No word of a lie, I blushed a little.

Last weekend Lars Taylor stopped by The Veneto Lounge and asked if I’d ever consider opening a show (like opening opening… like while the bar staff is still counting their floats) for a touring DJ.  Considered it?

well yes… but like, no.

But now its a yes!  I got to get practicing.

The new set I am working on is called “Don’t You Want To Know What’s Out There” (based on the Explorers… right).

Good name… but now I need some good music.  I better get on that tonight.

Go with yourself.

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My brother CJ got married last Sunday to his lovely Caitlin.

The wedding was very fun.  Good people, great venue and food, obviously a great party.

I wanted to get CJ a record as a wedding gift and chose something that I could remember from our younger days.

The album that came to mind was Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream.

I remember CJ had the record on cassette and we brought it with us on a camping trip.  I had a minor obsession with the cut “Disarm” which is on of the first times I can remember having a serious crush on a song and had to play it over and over like teenagers are wont to do.  I think the camping adventure took our family to Northern California and at some point I found an empty camp site; laid on the picnic table; stared up at the sky through the red wood trees; put my ear buds in and rocked “Disarm”… hit stop, rewind, play and heard it again… hit stop, rewind, play and again.

The Smashing Pumpkins became one of my favourite bands of the 90s (my friend Paul was also a major fan and we’d listen to music all the time), and I’ll always remember that camping trip listening to the Pumpkins as one of my first real exposures to the band.


aww, an old record label called “Coral,” and a song called “I’m Gonna Love You Too.”

I want to get some custom DJ labels made up for my Numark NS7 when I finally get it back (tomorrow fingers crossed)… and I am kinda thinking something like this. —>

My man, DJ Murge is firing up his DJ classes again at Long and McQuade and I am thinking of doing another round.  I have a better idea of what I want to learn.  I am interested in taking all these great classic rock & roll and R&B records I’ve been listening too and learning to sample them or remix them into modern beats for both a club/dance environment and my more personal style of ambient and blisscore.

I get frustrated because sometimes I know what I want something to sound like, but don’t know how to begin to create it, or fuck with a song.  And I am not confident to spend anymore more money on software or hardware without some more knowledge on how to use it.   In fact, I figure, if I have the skills, I won’t need all these fancy gadgets and could do it with some basic software that I can get for free or is already on my Mac.  (that is the hope anyways).

Knowledge is totally cool, everything else totally sucks.

Go with yourself.

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A mix of songs of music I generally found as free downloads off http://pitchfork.com .

I presented them at the Veneto Lounge (http://hotelrialto.ca) on the weekend. I normally pick songs that have similar BPM when I craft a mix because that is all I can do to blend them together. These songs are all over the map, so the best I could do on the Vestax VCI 300 was fade them in and out. I am considering getting an effects add-on for my Numark NS7, I think that might allow me to create some more interesting transitions, but I am not sure. If any DJs stumble on my mix, maybe you could post some ideas in the comment section as I am still learning and could really use the advise.

I hope you like the songs, that Pallers cut, “The Kiss” absolutely crushes.

Click to Listen: MIX – 5 Candies


DJ Notes

01) The Books – “Beautiful People” (mp3)
02) Kisses – “Bermuda (Active Child Remix)” (mp3)
03) Fol Chen – “In Ruins (Baths Remix)” (mp3)
04) Pallers – “The Kiss” (mp3)
05) Kraftwerk – “Neon Lights”
06) Spirituals – “Wanderings” (mp3)
07) Twin Sister – “I Want a House” (mp3)
08) Woodsmen – “When Morning Comes” (mp3)

Look at that, so much free music from the Pitchfork Forkcast!

The Books start the set with some trippy reversed singing and then a bunch of math?

I dived into some Fol Chen just for Huckdoll who loves them.

Pallers are changing my world right now. “The Kiss” is an incredibly romantic song.  It definitely is a day-dream song that for me personally takes me into a kind of fantasy world.  I kinda wished I lived in this song.

I decided on some Kraftwerk because Pitchfork used their song “Neon Lights” to describe the style of Pallers.  “Neon Lights” comes from the 1978 record The Man-Machine.  I never really listened to much Kraftwerk which is a bit of a shame, there music is pretty interesting, and to hear what they did with far more primitive sequencers and processors is kinda neat.

This record does feature a #1 single in the “The Model” which actually didn’t chart so high till 1982 when it was included as the B-side with “Computer Love.”  DJs started jiving on the b-side so it was re-issued as an A-side and climbed the charts to number 1.

A song for Coral, Twin Sister sounds like a band you might hear on the Juno Soundtrack.  “I Want a House” is something Coral says to me all.the.time.  maybe if we lived in Texas where they give them away…

The set ends with my theme song for the morning after… when morning comes.  nice.


The title for this set comes from a conversation with Madelyn Friday morning and doesn’t have anything to do with the music.  Lately my two-year-old has become completely driven by candy.  One morning she just started on a baby babble train and I pulled out “five candies” and “three blue ones.”

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my mix.  If you like it, please share it with a friend.

Go with yourself.

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Vestax VCI-300 with Serato.

Friday night at Veneto, my sound started glitching out.  Very stressful thing to have happen to a DJ.  Saturday I took my Numark NS7 in to Long and McQuade for a check up, and while they cut her open to operate they lent me the Vestax VCI-300 Serato Itch controller.

When I was shopping for an Itch controller last winter, it was between the Numark and Vestax and I ended up with Numark, so it was neat to see what could have been….

The Vestax is cheaper… and L&M they’ll run you about $1,100 vs. north of $1,700 for the Numark.  The Numark is also huge in comparison.  I chose the Numark because it is closer in feel to record turntables and I like being able to “grab” my songs and fly around a track.  The Vestax to me feels more dainty.  But I love that it is so small and easy to carry around, set up, takes way less space and is just… well less.

I already think, when I have the Numark paid off, maybe I’ll get a Vestax too!  I’ll need some practise with the Vestax, because right now, I am awkward on it.  If the Numark is on the DL for an extended period of time I can get some practise in on the Vestax.

If I am going to be able to get a new mix up this week for Huckdoll, it’ll need to be on the Vestax!

Go with yourself.

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Alrighty friends my first experiment with a podcast mix.  I uploaded it to Mixcloud for your streaming pleasure as I have not upgraded my blog for audio yet and likely won’t for a bit as I still decide… uhhh stuff.

Have a Listen: Plants and Records MIX

I figured out how to record a Serato Itch mix and set my Numark NS7 up in my living room on the coffee table.  I plugged in to my home stereo for a monitor.  A little dance party at Casa La Corj while everyone is asleep.

Then I  imported the file into Garageband and fooled around in there adding a little voice intro and bed.  I still had troubles getting around Garageband.  It feels very awkward to me to edit with this software, but I’m sure with time and practise it’ll come.

Lets talk about the music.


DJ Notes

01) Neon Indian – “Should Have Taken Acid With You”
02) Millionyoung – “Cynthia”
03) Kleerup – “Until We Bleed (Feat. Lykke Li)”
04) Winter Gloves – “Invisible”
05) Memory Cassette – “Surfin”
06) Frightened Rabbit – “Things”

And I do feature a taste of Cassie’s award winning Buckerfield’s commercial, hence the inspiration for the title of the mix.  The voice is Sheldon.

I downloaded her commercial last week to hear her great work writing and Sheldon’s production.  As I sat down today to draft up a mix and practise, I punched up the commercial (I am such a procrastinator) and played it through my rig.  It changed the whole direction and I needed to kick off with Neon Indian’s tale of regret… man he really should have taken acid with you then removed this clothes and jumped in the swimming pool.  Funny story… that exact same thing happened to me many moons ago in another life.

Millionyoung is pretty hot right now, I read about his style of chillwave on Pitchfork and downloaded the ep.  I love it, its like the emo of electronic beats.

I don’t hate this presentation until my final mix from Winter Gloves into Memory Cassette which I fuck up pretty good.  What can you do?  The whole set is basically 120 beats per minute, give or take, until Frightened Rabbit.

I hope you enjoy the 20 minutes.

Go with yourself.

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Thank you Linda for the picture.

I am having one of those groovy “Staycations” that poor people are always talking about. No but seriously, I am on holidays but I am hanging out at home because I have no money.

Its kinda nice being at home and not having to do a radio show or DJ for a few nights.  I think I might spoil myself and order the Montreal/Vancouver game in HD tomorrow afternoon.  Baller.

DJ Murge is doing another installment of his DJ class at Long and McQuade starting next week so I think I’ll get up in that for some professional development.

I bought this fancy Numark Serato controller and have picked up enough from Boitano to make it go, match some beats and blend some tunes, but I think I need to learn some more (and I think it will be fun).  Shannon Shields says Murge is the man so it might be good to learn from the master.

Last night was my final night at Sips till maybe the late Spring or Summer.  While there I got the email newsletter from Serato about a product for the NS7.  It is an effects controller for the rig called NSFX.  Its kind of a bad ass piece of machinery that will let me bend and manipulate the music.  Maybe after the DJ course I’ll have a greater understanding of the craft and can incorporate the effects.

What I’ll want to be working on soon… and this might sound weird, but I was talking to Alix last night and it made sense at the time… is crafting a DJ set that incorporates the music of the 1920s with modern beats and also a set that uses country music with a modern sophisticated sound for a few projects she is working on for Sea Cider.  I got some time so that is what I’ll be thinking about for the next little while.  Music of the roaring 20s.

OK well that is all I got for now, I am going to get back to my staycation and take Madelyn to the park to play soccer.

Go with yourself.

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A bartender named Holly turned me on to this song from a band called Kyte.  Wikipedia reminds me of the epicness of Explosions in the Sky or This Will Destroy You; but with a wispy vocal melody.  Mighty good.

I met Holly last Saturday at the Rialto where I find myself DJing Saturday nights.  What a great place, it feels good to be at a place where I can really bite into my playlists and find some interesting music.  This gig found me because I sent a cold call email to the Rialto about a year ago when they did their renovations.  I asked if I could DJ, they said no… fast forward a year and there I am.

The evening forced my hand in finally investing in my production.  I headed to Long and McQuade and purchased a Numark NS7.  The NS7 is a controller that lets me use Serato Itch.  It simulates a turn table DJ rig, but I like it because it is smaller (it uses two 45s instead of LPs) and all contained.  I can set it up in our little home, practice, and break it down much easier than the turntables I had from Boitano.  I might have wanted to chose the Vestax VCI 300, it is smaller still than the NS7 and cheaper, but I wanted to play on something a bit more substantial… but I can see myself one day wanted something even smaller, when my skills improve.

My goal right now is practice, practice, practice.  I want to have at least a passable skill at blending and mixing two cuts together.  The NS7 also has lots of fun and user friendly features to create loops and rush around a track, maybe one day I’ll be able to really birth some interesting sonic creations.

In the future, I will need to get an accountant (thank you John!), register the old business up, promotional material and I think we’ll need a new laptop.  I just didn’t have the money or the guts to finance one right now.  Coral and I are hoping that after her layoff is final, we put some money in the bank and my DJ business stabilizes and becomes legitimate I can invest in a MacBook Pro or something equally fancy pants (do I *really* need a Mac?  I mean all the other DJs have one…).  The Toshiba is a temperamental lady these days, but she serves like a wiley veteran of foreign wars and so far hasn’t had any meltdowns or tantrums during a set (well it did the other night but no one really noticed!).

After the laptop, my next goal is a mobile set of speakers to rock a shindig that is not rigged for a dance party and build a visual component for my performance.  Then Coral and I will need a bigger home to store all this stuff and build my studio to make my historical podcasts and Coral was saying something about living somewhere where it snows in the winter and we have a barn… OK, breathe… now I am getting way ahead of myself.

First, practice, practice, practice.

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