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When you listen to a Frightened Rabbit song… you believe, “these guys must live in a cottage.”  It was reassuring to read on their blog for the new song “Scotting Winds,” that it was in fact written on the bus to their cottage in the Borders.

My favourite Scottish sad rockers have a new extended play and glorious news, its a free download.  That’s the best.

Download The Frightened Rabbit EP HERE.

Waking up, trolling Stereogum and discovering a new FREE Frightened Rabbit really made this Thursday a superior Thursday… compared to say, last Thursday.

Frightened Rabbit – “Scottish Winds”

Frightened Rabbit – “Fuck This Place”

Frightened Rabbit – “The Work”

I hope to take a second to download the EP… then maybe go back in time and listen to the older stuff.  Its all pretty magical.

I helped Ceri over at Vintage Spirits with some music related stuff for her business… and so she set me up with a bottle of Baker’s Bourbon.  Thank you Ceri!

My bourbon collection is slowly growing (like hockey jersey’s, its a hard thing to spend money on as it isn’t the most practical use of my limited funds) so barter seems to work well.  My Maker’s is all gone, but I still have my Buffalo Trace, Bulleit and Woodford Reserve (that is what I used for my Bourbon Whip Cream on Thanksgiving).

I haven’t had a chance to taste the Baker’s… seriously I got it for the label.  Same name as me!  SWA?

Can’t wait to crack the wax and give it a sip.

Go with yourself.

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