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Me and Maddy Snowshoeing
Happy Monday my music blogger friends.

The Morning After music blog is coming to you from scenic Vancouver. The city sits on a fjord/inlet and at the base of the some mountains. My daughter has been bugging me to take her up into the snow ( she wants to ski but doesn’t know how yet) so I thought we’d try some snowshoeing.

We went to Grouse last weekend to play in the snow but that place is crazy busy and expensive, so I took her to the less insane Mount Seymour (the other local mountain is Cypress where they had some 2010 Olympic events…and Whistler is about an hour and half north).

During our hike I rolled tape…you know for 7, she was a trooper and it was a great afternoon.

Our soundtrack for the drive from the ‘burbs up to the mountain… that Aquilo ep Painting Pictures of a War.

Merry Christmas!

Go with yourself.

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