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Its been awhile since I’ve heard a chillwave song to get hot and bothered by.  Apparently the scene has moved on… but I can’t exactly fire up Skrillex in the Veneto Lounge on a Friday night.

So I wave the chillwave flag hazily and at half mast proudly!

Pitchfork talked about Expensive Looks yesterday.  Had a meh review.. but mostly because I think Pitchfork is meh on the genre right now… not on ONE Expensive Looks song features Azealia Banks soooo…

Trolling the internets and I found a bunch of EL remixes including a remix of one of my favourite Radiohead songs… “High and Dry.”

Radiohead – “High and Dry (Expensive Looks’ Blizzard Fantasy)”

Download MP3 >> Radiohead-High and Dry (Expensive Looks’ Blizzard Fantasy)

Radiohead’s The Bends was #09 on my list of 20 Special Records. Coral and I have the LP hanging on the wall.  Back when Coral listened to more rock music… or I guess we listened to music together, this was an album she’d put on.

Radiohead generally remixes pretty good, but it tends to be the later career stuff.  Its nice to hear one from my days as a Radiohead fan.

Not sure if I’ll download the whole Expensive Looks album Dark Matters, but I will for sure be seeking select tracks for the playlist at Veneto.

Go with yourself.

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