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I punched up some Stooges tonight to sit down and research and discover and explore on the internet.  I had the album ‘Fun House‘ rotating the hardrive and wasn’t feeling it.  Its not bad, but just makes me want to listen to Lou Reed.

Then I noticed I also have their eponymous record that includes “I Wanna Be Your Dog.”  Now I get it… that song completely destroys.  What I wasn’t wholly prepared for was the 10 minute dirges… trippy.

I got on this late 60s, 70s alt rock kick because I have been enjoying the Replacements all weekend.  And well, one the time machines goes back to the 80s, you can’t not let it take you all the way.

The Replacements are always a good go to band for me.  Help me get to a nice relaxed state if I feel some anxiety or whatever.  But their real beauty is they jazz me on classic jangly alternative music of the by-gone era.

Coral and I are getting ready to take off to Las Vegas on Wednesday and September has been a trying month for me financially.  It wasn’t any one thing, but a series of small things that all conspired against me in September, any one of them alone would have been no big deal (and some even a little welcome) but with the steady grind it whacked my bank account right before the trip.  Couple that with the fact that almost every wedding expense seems to be just a little more than my initial budget and it had my heart palpating a bit days before the rip.

Coral and I still have our warchest and we’re good to go… but there was a brief moment in early September where we had some confidence that we’d exceed our own expectations and I guess not reaching a goal that I had worked at kinda hurt me.  Coral is more zen about it, she says we have our initial budget and so we’re good to go and get married.  AND we bought wedding bands!  Ha, we briefly flirted with the idea of dropping that and then last minute (early in the month when projections were good) added wedding bands.  We went to a store called “Old and Gold” by Coral’s work.  They sell pawned or “re purposed” jewelery.  I bought a wedding band that had another date inscribed on it.  I wanted to keep the old date, but Coral and the jeweler said I could (or should) not.  Too bad, I think it would have been neat to keep that old marker on the ring.

So we’re off to Vegas on Wednesday and I managed to get sick over the weekend.  I took a day today to rest and hang out with Madelyn.  I don’t want to get too sick and push myself and stress out for fear of looking like a Swine Flu victim before trying to cross the border into America.

Already it is time to set my eyes toward the future.  I have tried hard to keep my focus on October 11th and not a day ahead.  But sometimes my mind gets away with excitement.  Coral and I have been talking about starting a business as we usually do, but seeing as she’ll be unemployed (barring some sort of miracle) come December, we might as well get serious about it.  Slowly the concept is taking shape.  We’re not going to re-invent the wheel.  Just pick something and be the best at it.

Oh, and on the broadcasting front, we’re working on some things at The Zone which I hope will raise my community profile (and the boss man says *might* lead to some money) so fingers crossed for that project.

That’s all I got for tonight, just brainstorming and I’m hoping sitting in the sun in Vegas around the pool will help me flesh out some new creative ideas and projects and bring some focus.

I really want a pizza sub from subway, like really badly.

Go with yourself.

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