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Its been a few days since I’ve been back from Vancouver. I had a 24 hour adventure in the Terminal City to check out one of my all-time favourite bands, Interpol.

The show was pretty magical because I love their music… but especially the first two records (like everyone, I guess).  The set was heavy on most of the best from Turn on and Antics.  The show also featured lots off the critically underwhelming Interpol. And was exceptionally light on Our Love to Admire.  In fact, I think they just jammed out “Rest My Chemistry.” Which is cool as I personally think that song is the stand out from the record.

Interpol – “Rest My Chemistry”

There was not much of any “show” in the sense of lasers, devil worship, girls flashing their tits.  Just four guys on stage in suits sounded great.  The Orpheum Theater made the sound of their songs sparkle. A great audio environment.  It didn’t hurt that @Nucksgrl got us 6th row! It definitely was a fan’s show.

I loved the song selection.  I am weakest on their new music so it was great that they paced the new songs in with so many great “hits” from the beloved first two albums.

Interpol has been a favourite band of mine for a number of years and this show helped build on the sonic lust.  Good times.

Go with yourself.

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