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Some favourite music this week according to my Last FM page.


01) R.E.M.

One of my all-time favourite bands had a strong week in at home listening powered by a review I read on Pitchfork. Pitchfork reviewed the classic R.E.M. record ‘Reckoning.’  I don’t have that disc on my laptop but I do have a compilation of 80s era R.E.M. that has more than a couple ‘Reckoning’ cuts on it.  I love the tracks “7 Chinese Bros.” “So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)” and “(Don’t Go Back to) Rockville.”


02) Wilco

Wilco has a new album out now, their 7th or 8th depending who you ask.  I downloaded this record because it turns out… I must have like 4 or 5 Wilco records.  I never really considered myself a fan till I started paying attention to what I listen to on my playlists and when I randomize a set.  If Wilco pops up, I have to stop to go check out who the band is.

Listening to new Wilco made me nostalgic for an old Wilco song I have from the Jim Carrey film, ‘Me, Myself, and Irene.’  The song is “Any Major Dude Will Tell You.”  That might be the first time I ever had to stop and go, “hey what was that?”


03) Interpol

I never get tired of their first album, ‘Turn on the Bright Lights.’  To me, every song is special but I truly love the opening cut, “Untitled.”

I will surprise you sometime
I’ll come around
When you’re down

simple lyrics (that is basically it), very moody, tense and sexual.


04) Lou Reed

My weekend guy… I suppose I blogged about him yesterday a bit.  Sometimes I get the song “Perfect Day” in my head so fiercly, I have to listen to Lou Reed like two or three times in a row before I can move on to the next song.  Isn’t that pathetic?


I haven’t felt very good the past couple days? weeks?  but today I woke feeling chipper!  I usually feel creatively bankrupt come Friday.  I hop in the studio to jam out the modern rock countdown and I also have usually a fairly good ‘to-do’ list of commercial projects.  By the time I go on the air at 3PM, the last thing I want to do is make a really good radio show.  On top of that, I read this book that at first was inspiring, but after a few days to settle in… I asked myself some honest questions and I didn’t like the answers… damn word in a book! damn you!

What tends to happen is either or both:

The request time at 6PM rips and it makes me happy for humanity again AND/or I go out to the pub in Langford and meet so many great Zoners.  Then all weekend, I can’t wait to hop on the radio again on Monday to repeat the cycle.

I was thinking about why I like making the countdown so much (which is a half truth because I also hate it).  I love making the countdown because it is created in the studio.  I can take some time with the breaks, add a soundtrack, find clips, use my best callers from the week.  The one thing I don’t like about the show is that its not live.  But live makes the show rushed.

I was thinking of trying some of the things that I like about the countdown and incorporating it into the live show.  It’ll require a little more focus, but maybe I’ll give it a try and see how it sounds.


Coral has been hard at work this weekend with her girlfriends and sister working on the invitations for our wedding.  They look specatacular!  Can’t wait to show them off.


Go with yourself.

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