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Listening to some Vance Joy today. The song “Georgia” is so pretty.

Here’s a live cut I found on Soundcloud.

Got me thinking about the time I got to meet Vance. Great dude.

Go with yourself.

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Vance Joy live at CFOX

Vance Joy stopped by the radio factory today in front of his second SOLD OUT show at the Orpheum in Vancouver.  He performed his hit “Fire and The Flood” for us.

I also asked him about the stage name, “Vance Joy.” How did that come about? Vance was born James and used to play at a cafe during brunch. He’d perform a collection of covers (like Fuel’s “Shimmer”) and originals. Inspired by a character from the Peter Carey book Bliss, he branded his brunch set Vance Joy and here we are.

I feel like I kept it pretty cool. Too bad I can’t say the same for my colleague Meredith!


Go with yourself.

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beach babies

Spring time on the west coast is magical. Though I guess so is summer and fall? Winter ain’t terrible either. It’s a good place to live.

We did Fake Mothers’ Day last weekend because that is when I could get a reservation into the Oak Bay Marina Restaurant. Their Sunday buffet is a marvel. Then we went exploring for some obsidian. My daughter did not find any, but she did find TWO rocks that looked like hearts, a chunk of cement? and some quartz. All in all, it was a good haul by her standards. Yet she must continue to seek the elusive obsidian.

Came home to lots of emails from bands. I’ll try to hammer out a few songs that caught my ear for you.

It must begin with British duo Aquilo because I love them.

Pleasure Beach are from Belfast, Northern Ireland (what is Northern Ireland, a country or Province? or like a region?).

I did learn that Pleasure Beach is the UK’s number one theme park! So that’s neat. But it is located in the ominous sounding town of Blackpool. Scary…sounds like that type of place where you’d set your horror story or a boring BBC period drama that gets popular in Canada a few years later and people who pretend to be sophisticated force themselves to watch it like fictional kale for your mind.

From Smashville, Tennessee, Myyra.

Not from Labrador City, I present Bern, Switzerland’s Labrador City.

Did you ever read the book The Chrysalids? Fringers man… fringers.

The party ends with Australia’s king of commercial radio, Mr. Vance Joy. The dude is poised for complete and total world domination when he hops on the Taylor Swift Tour.He released a cover of her 1989 (I do like that record shhhhhhh) song “I know Places.”

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I never fully appreciated Hilly Dilly and their playlists…

I hit their Tropical House Vibes set and found a couple that might serve me during a set at The Clubhouse, or maybe on The Zone’s Mixtape.

I can’t remember if I have blogged this one before…but no matter, it deserves a re-visit.

Vance Joy’s Much Megahit getting souped up by Sun City taking the FlicFlac remix and building an edit around it.

Oh…it’s the FlicFlac remix I recognize. I downloaded that cut for the Rooftop sets earlier this summer.


Milky Chance’s “Stolen Dance” is another song that has topped the pops at The Zone.

Alex Brandt throws a little sax over top of the German duo’s smash. Saxual indeed.

Thanks for the picks Hilly Dilly! I’ll be sure to make use of your playlists.

Go with yourself.

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Australian singer Vance Joy had his song “Riptide” voted the number one song on Triple J’s Top 100 this year. And the first #1 on the Hottest 100 to be written on a ukulele?  Neat.

Time for a remix… Enter Sun City.

Mr. Vance Joy did visit us at Rifflandia last summer… and he’ll be back for a pair of shows in Vancouver in support of Young The Giant on April 2nd and 3rd.

Go with yourself.

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young the giant
Young the Giant jump back in the fire in 2013 with a new single.  We remember Young the Giant from such radio hits as “My Body” and “Cough Syrup.”

The new record is called Mind Over Matter and comes out on January 21st.  The tour (with my homeboy Vance Joy!) rolls into Vancouver for a pair of shows at The Commodore on April 2nd and 3rd.

Let us enjoy the new single “It’s About Time.”

Go with yourself.

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The Road to Camp Zone: Vance Joy

Vance Joy
Melbournian Vance Joy will be bringing his positive ukulele driven good-time vibes to Rifflandia! (I think I hear the mighty uke in there)  Look for the Australian featured in a Go Pro commercial at the Rifftop Rent on Sunday, September 15th at 12:30.

Here is his current feature single.  “Riptide.” And here is a bio from TIME magazine.

Go with yourself.

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