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Bastille‘s new single “Blame” fro the record Wild World has racked up the most new spins this week on US alternative radio.


I added Spoon’s “Hot Thoughts” to my Alternative to What? playlist. Coral and I jammed this on the freeway down to Seattle this week. The song came out of relative nowhere on US radio, and is the 9th most active jam climbing.

Go with yourself.

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Bonobo‘s new record, Migration, comes out on January 13th.

He released a music video for the second track called “Break Apart” (featuring Rhye).

This song is so cool.



This one came down the pipe from a singer called Jacob Banks.

The tracks “features new production from the Futuristics and a verse from Boogie.”


And I don’t want to be a super cry baby….I get that people need to eat….but man, my Cloud Nothings tickets arrived for their show at the Biltmore in February. $50 for a pair of tickets to see an indie rock band. Nuts. The service charge was almost as much as buying a third ticket!

How many sleeps till Christmas? Getting close! Can’t wait. I have some Island time in the forecast, so looking forward to a little holiday and catching up with Victoria friends and family.

Go with yourself.

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SNOW DAY! It rains a ton in Vancouver but it rarely snows…especially downtown which is right on the ocean. But today, we are getting a nice dusting.

I have a could remixes to share.

I DJ most every weekend at Match Pub in New West…Friday had a group of Pharmacists from Surrey partying and few wanted Indian music. I have a few songs but it is not a strength of my playlist. Some folks sent me a few requests and remixes like this beauty.

DJ Frenzy blasting a Bhangra style of popular Indian music with Bruno Mars “24K Magic.” I am getting to the point where I am also recognizes some of the Indian music in this mix. Neat.

Kygo…remixing one of the top songs out right now. You get it.



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Downtown today, I ran into my cousin Monica…that was random. I also heard this song I vaguely recognized.

It was a spin on 1993 “What Is Love” originally made famous by Haddaway! Belgian producer Lost Frequencies modernized the 90s dance track.

Maybe this fun throwback will help with all the grey rain today.

Go with yourself.

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El-P and Killer Mike are Run The Jewels. They’ve announced a new record called RTJ3 out on January 13th. Damn, January 2017 is looking stacked for new music.

The artwork for the new record is above. RTJ went back to the pistol and fist and say this about the art: “For us, the RTJ1 hands were about ‘taking what’s yours’ – your world, your life, your attitude. The RTJ2 hands were wrapped in bandages, signifying injury and healing, which for us represented the growth in ideas and tone of that album. For RTJ3 the bandages are off, the chain is gone and the hands have been transformed into gold. For us this represents the idea that there is nothing to take that exists outside of yourself. You are the jewel.”

New record, so much hype, and a tour! They’ll be in the Pacific Northwest for a series of sold out shows in February.

2.6.17 Portland, OR @ Crystal Ballroom * (SOLD OUT)
2.7.17 Seattle, WA @ Showbox SoDo * (SOLD OUT)
2.8.17 Vancouver, BC @ Vogue Theatre * (SOLD OUT)

First single is called “Legend Has It.”

1. Down (feat. Joi Gilliam)
2. Talk To Me
3. Legend Has It
4. Call Ticketron
5. Hey Kids (Bumaye) (feat. Danny Brown)
6. Stay Gold
7. Don’t Get Captured
8. Thieves! (Screamed the Ghost) (feat. Tunde Adebimpe)
9. 2100 (feat. BOOTS)
10. Panther Like a Panther (Miracle Mix) (feat. Trina)
11. Everybody Stay Calm
12. Oh Mama
13. Thursday in the Danger Room (feat. Kamasi Washington)

14. Report to the Shareholders/Kill Your Masters

Go with yourself.

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Vancouver rockers JAPANDROIDS took to the stage for first time in 3 years last night at The Cobalt in Vancouver. The set also featured new music that will be part of an album due later (maybe this year).

The boys in the band seemed in genuinely jovial spirits as they returned to the stage and treated the packed dive bar’s crowd. The set included 5 new songs including a song they described as their “longest and weirdest” song on the upcoming record. They also hoped it would be our favourite when this future album drops. This was the first song of the night, “Arc Of Bar.”

At one point they joked that they were “getting 1% better every song. If they play 100 songs they’ll be pretty good.”

The funny thing, the set did grow and build with each song. Here’s the set list that my friend Kirsten Grace sent me. They called a few audibles, but for the most part the night played out like this. I’ll need to get confirmation on what the ????? songs were, they played two after “House That Heaven Built.”

JAPANDROIDS continue their homestand tonight at The Cobalt and roll through toSaturday before continuing to Los Angeles.

10-11 Los Angeles, CA – The Echo
10-15 Toronto – Horseshoe Tavern
10-20 London, England – Birthdays
10-28 Brooklyn, NY – Knitting Factory
10-29 Brooklyn, NY – Knitting Factory
11-25 Mexico City, Mexico – Caradura

For those of you that have never been to Vancouver’s Cobalt on Main Street…it’s a place. Me and my buddy Tyson kept remarking to our partners, “back in the day, this place was more punk!”

My wife snapped this graffiti in the bar. I guess we’re not that original!

Go with yourself.

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Chance texted 280-CFOX: “Sometimes I wish the national alerting system wasn’t always just a test. It would be great to just hear once ‘warning giant monsters are invading from the sea, everybody evacuate inland!'”

Jello and I decided to bring this fun text to life!

CFOX producer: Jamie Ellard

Thanks for finding my blog.

Go with yourself.

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Kathryn sent over a beauty song from Sylvan Esso for us to listen to today (that’s one of her paintings above…she paints a little nature picture everyday, follow her on Instagram). The song is called “Radio.” Hey my favourite subject!

“slave to the radio.” Tell me about it Sylvan Esso.

Happy Friday! Man, I have a bunch of other songs to share today too…ugh, but gotta get back to it.

Go with yourself.

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ellice blackout

I get asked a lot, “where are all the new rock bands?”

Here you go.

Victoria’s Ellice Blackout have been working hard on their debut record Villains. The record which comes out on September 10th, is 12 wailing guitar driven shredders.

Lead singer David Fraelic matches the fierce energy of the guitars and is able to punch through on songs like “Duct Tape,” “Blue Ribbon” and single “Dead Radio.”

It’s fists up and everyone singing along on “Give Up The Ghost.”

The record marches at a fairly consistent high intensity for most it’s run but for me, the stand out moments are when it backs off the throttle a bit like on “Weightless.”

Fraelic says that a lot of the lyrics are “quite personal.” Which reminds me, next time I see him, I’ll have to ask about the story behind “Bad Tattoo.”

His favourite song on the record is side one, track one, “I personally love ‘Duct Tape’ because it’s the perfect combination of pop and hooks but still coming across very hard. It’s got all my influences in one song.”

The band does a fun modern spin on a classic hard rock sound.

Ellice Blackout’s record release party is going down September 10th in Victoria at Sugar Nightclub.

Go with yourself.

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So you’re going to the Pacific National Exhibition and you just don’t have time to mess around. I feel you.  Here are the three best things to eat at the 2016 PNE.

01) The Legendary Pickle Dog from Chicky’s Chicken. It’s a hot dog, in a pickle, then corn dogged. I enjoy mine with mustard, the kid likes it with ketchup.

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02) The Fat Elvis from Rocky Point Ice Cream. It’s chocolate ice cream, banana, peanut butter, jam all smushed in a brioche bun and grilled. Messy. Good.

03) Delicious beer from the Craft Beer Fest. All that walking and show home viewing will make you thirsty. Visit the Craft Beer Festival for a tasty beer brewed right here in British Columbia.

Lately my favourite beer has been from Richmond’s Fuggles & Warlock. D&D fantastical branding, yummy Strawberry Wit.

The next BEST time to hit the PNE will be Tuesday, August 30th for Monster Truck.

And now, here’s a picture of The Sheepdog who played the CFOX presents show on the 23rd.

Go with yourself.

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