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x ambassadors

X Ambassadors from Ithaca, New York, are getting ramped up to follow their Much Mega Hit debut album VHS.

The band shared a new song today called “Ahead of Myself.”

Hey remember that time X Ambassadors stopped by CFOX for an Ugly Box Box Studio recording?

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Who stole Clarisse Ramos’ juice cleanse juices from the office lunch room?

Dark Cleanse is one story about juice from a juice cleanse stolen from the office fridge of a downtown office tower, told week by-by-week by Meredith Geddes.

Happy Monday. Go with yourself.

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I was meowing on the radio about the lack of Family Day festivities and traditions so Meredith wrote me a traditional Family Day hymn to sing with my Family on Monday.

Go with yourself.

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Chance texted 280-CFOX: “Sometimes I wish the national alerting system wasn’t always just a test. It would be great to just hear once ‘warning giant monsters are invading from the sea, everybody evacuate inland!'”

Jello and I decided to bring this fun text to life!

CFOX producer: Jamie Ellard

Thanks for finding my blog.

Go with yourself.

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space high five

Radio is fun. Bro called up from Edmonton and we were able to share a high five…through the air.

Happy Friday!

Go with yourself.

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unnamed (10)
he Chris Walla song “Kanta’s Theme” is so chill, it is cutting fjords in my head with glaciers operating on geological time.


I kinda really like it. Chill.

Chris Walla we know and love from Death Cab For Cutie. Hey…remember when he played his final show with the band in Victoria? Neat.

New record is called Tape Loops…and as the title suggests, a tape based recording session where he loops some tapes and what not.

“I can’t change a closed, physical tape loop with a mouse-click or a keystroke, and that’s precisely the point,” Walla explains.  “Digital recording and editing often feels like working in a spreadsheet—it’s not always a place for dreams.”


Toronto’s Young Empires are so hot right now. Their debut LP, The Gates, is out on Friday and the single by the same name is popular on modern rock radio.

The band channels that electronic/indie rock vibe to create a fun and vibrant sound. Their first ep came out in 2012 and had more of a house energy, for this record they wanted to grow their sound.

We all knew that we wanted to make a record that was more mature,” says lead vocalist Matthew Vlahovich. ”We were 25 years old when we wrote our first one, now we’re in our thirties. We’ve all grown up on a lot of levels.”

The band is heading out on tour, here are our Pacific Northwest shows..

Sept 15 – Portland, OR – Analog Theater
Sept 16 – Seattle, WA – Tractor Tavern
Sept 17 – Vancouver, BC – Fortune Sound Club
Sept 19 – Victoria, BC – Rifflandia


Jamie and I take the party to the Fair at the PNE to check out the Craft Beer Fest.

I channel my best Nardwuar then we hit the booths with our adorable little 4 ounce mug.

I’d love your support with a view or maybe even a share!

Go with yourself.

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Hawk and Steel

Victoria’s Hawk and Steel released their new single “David and Katie.” The song is from their upcoming record Anywhere But Here which comes out on June 23rd. The song tells the morose alt-country fable of…. David and Katie. neat.

It is the studio cut from a song we first heard close to a year ago when I was on The Zone.


And if I may share a clip from my radio show on CFOX in Vancouver…this is a call I got the other day from Jose. Jose survived an insane motorcycle accident.

Go with yourself.

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Little India

Little India are an indie-pop band from Vancouver. Riff says they have a crush on Two Door Cinema Club? I’ll believe that!Little India have not been trucking very long but already they’ve opened for some huge alt-pop groups like The 1975, Atlas Genius, St. Lucia and The Drums. They recently won the CFOX Seeds contest and now they’ll be in Victoria for Rifflandia! Pencil them into your Blackberry.

Thursday, September 11th
9:30 PM // Anian 

The radio single is called “Sleep.” 

That song is good…but their track “Oola” is great. Love the remix ep including these cuts….

Amazing… the Cedric Par remix is especially chill. I tells ya, its the small print bands where you find the gems.

I am hoping Conan from the band will stop by my broadcast on Thursday, September 11th for an interview!

Go with yourself.

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This morning I awoke to a perfect and cold winter day (and still a scratchy throat).  Coral was running a bit behind and I still have the Chevy Cruze, so she asked me to take Mads to Step-Up to Pre-School.

Driving back to The Zone, I was jamming out Pol Plastino and he punched up Gob’s “Ming Tran.”

“Ming Tran” is from Gob’s 2002 ep F.U. EP.  I remember this record being big on the radio back when I worked at a Starbucks in Vancouver and we’d sing it all the time.

Back then, I used to listen to Gob all the time and play them on my radio show, The Morning After Show (hence the name of this here ole blog). My favourite, favourite Gob song was “Self-Appointed Leader” off 1998’s How Far Shallow Takes You. Back then, I didn’t really get how radio “works” so I’d call up David Hawkes (best DJ!) on CFOX at night and request the song. He’d tell me it was a great cut and take a minute to talk some Vancouver rock and roll with me and then play “What To Do” or some other Gob-esque type song that might have been getting a little attention.  Pop-punk (or ponk) was pretty popular in the late 90s and early 00s.

Gob – “Self-Appointed Leader”

I was pretty new at CiTR in the winter of 1998 and Gob’s record was new (and my show was a new Canadian music show so…..) and I played it quite a bit.

As I grew a bit more sophisticated in my musical taste, taking the bus out to Vancouver at least once a week, turning 19 and going to shows, and starting my own band… I really got into the Vancouver band By A Thread. Their debut album The Last of Daydreams came out in November of 1999 ( I think, no wikipedia for these guys that I could find).

I loved them.  I played this record on my radio show all the time and made a point to see them live when I could afford it and had the time.

By A Thread – “Surface”

By A Thread – “The World To Me”

To this day, The Last of the Daydreams remains one of my favourite records from those early mornings on the radio.

Listening now, it does sound a little dated and obviously, DIY. The album cover has graphic design of so many indie bands of the era… so sometimes its hard to separate the nostalgia from the quality.  But it doesn’t really matter.  By A Thread was a big part of my soundtrack growing up.

By A Thread – “Crushed Beneath”

Go with yourself.

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CRC #42 is ready for your listening pleasure.


Have a Listen: Capital Rock City #42

DJ notes:

01) The Racoons – “Old Hearts”
02) The Racoons – “Be My Television”
03) The Racoons – “Islomania”
04) Vince Vaccaro – “City at Sunrise”
05) The Matinee – “San Diego”
06) Jet Black Stare – “In This Life”
–> Jeff Johnson

All the Racoons songs that you heard on the podcast you can download for free if you click the Racoons name at the top.

Vince is working on a new record and he was kind enough to share a demo from the recording sessions with me.

Check out this crazy email from Lazy of The Matinee:


—–Original Message—–
From: matt@thematineemusic.com [mailto:matt@thematineemusic.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 11:25 AM
To: Jeremy@thezone.fm
Subject: a song for you

Hey Jeremy…. here ya go! Bit of a busy weekend, I celebrated both mine and my girlfriends’ birthdays… so yeah….. still hurting a bit. In other news, did you know that Bob’s place in North Van burned to the ground last week ? He lost everything. And the bastard just rolls with it with a shrug. What a guy!

This tune is called San Diego, and it is about an unpaid speeding ticket I got once on a road trip to California. True story. I still haven’t paid it, so now there is a bench warrant for my arrest in Weed County. The fine is up to $1200 and the collections calls me twice a week. I never answer. And never will! Just can’t drive down there anymore.. or I am going to the slammer!

Cheers bud, new tunes to be recorded next month that I will send your way too.



Bob’s place burned down?  SWA?  I need to call that cat pronto.

The final band is a Vancouver group that sounds mighty CFOXish called Jet Black Stare.  Before Lazy was rocking the Matinee, he was in a group called Ten Ways From Sunday and even before that… The Salad Kings (who I used to play on the Morning After Show on CiTR!  so that is some time ago).  Lazy played with his friend Jeff.  Jeff left Ten Ways to go solo… and his musical journey has taken him into band production and recording.  So if you’re in a band and thinking that you liked the style of Jet Black Stare, fire Jeff an email:  bwe@telus.blackberry.com


That’s all I got.

Next week I am working on the first live to tape Capital Rock City.

Capital Rock City #43 :: Live from The Clubhouse
featuring a special live acoustic performance form Acres of Lions

the week after that I hope to have a chance to talk to the Paper Cranes and maybe some music from South Africa. neat.

OH!  and you can now subscribe to Capital Rock City on iTunes.  Search Capital Rock City in the iTunes store and subscribe please.

Go with yourself.

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