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Bike to Work Week is coming to Victoria at the End of May, May 31st – June 6th and my man David Eleanor is spear-heading a team.

“Victoria Broadcasting vs. Global Warming”

So far, I think the team is Pol, Dave, Me and Cuervo-Loren from  the Promo-Team.

Since its Victoria Broadcasting, all my local radio friends shouldn’t be shy, lets all team up and fight global warming as radio colleagues!

dave@thezone.fm ; that is the contact.

Fossil Fool and Lisa cruising on the Choprical Fish, a custom Soul Cycle.

AND, what is this all about?

a bike stereo that is more stereo than bike?  I like it (and might NEED it).

but a blender on a bike?  Maybe Huckdoll could use that, but otherwise, I don’t get it.

Go with yourself.

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Phoenix from a speeding motorhome SWAGed from my Mom's Facebook.

Coral and I sometimes harbour fantasies of picking up and moving away to live somewhere different.

Its no secret that I want to move to the desert.  But lately I’ve been reading so much negative stuff about Arizona and their general distrust of immigrants… that well, doesn’t make me want to be an immigrant there.  That leaves Nevada or maybe even New Mexico.

Coral is less enthused about the US in general… maybe I could talk her into Nashville?  Music City USA, that has a nice ring.  Or maybe Texas!  If we moved to Nashville I’d make records and if we moved to Texas I’d obviously take the Panthers to State.

Jeff Gentner/Getty Images

I read that Nashville recently flooded.  Nashville, being a center for music in the US had a lot of damage to the things that make music industry spin round.  Guitars, piano’s, musical venues and touring equipment.

NPR: Flood Wreck Havoc on Music Scene

I wonder if this will effect us here on our imported rock & roll the same way it effects the price of oranges when there is a frost in Florida?  Jack White records will cost double per pound?

ahhh, maybe we’ll stick to Canada.  The Canucks let me down, but they got further in the playoffs than the Coyotes of Predators.  Could you picture me wearing a Predators sweater?  not so much.

Ugh, but that Canucks game last night?  I get that the Canucks are going to lose some hockey games.  The Blackhawks are a great hockey team and favoured to win.  But the way they lost… it is all just so… typical.

The Canucks are NEVER the team that exceeds expectation, and I think that is the worst part of being a Canucks fan.

Every year for the past lot of years, the Canucks generally ice a competitive hockey club only to then fall to pieces in the playoffs.  The villains change, but the Canucks lack of progress doesn’t.  600 divisional titles but zero Stanley Cups… its just not right.  I only derive so much joy from the yearly spanking of the Leafs and the bouncing of the Oil and Flames from playoff contention (But OIL, they surprise you some years and charge to the Cup… and all the history, and the future prospects in their system!!).

Oh well, next year right?


Trying to squeeze a couple bucks out of our little budget to buy bike for Coral and a trailer to pull Madelyn.  Then we can go for bike rides with long suffering Oil fan Dave.

Something that felt really good last night.  Coral and I went on our online banking account payee list and deleted two.  One credit card and one monthly bill that we payed up and eliminated.  That oddly had a level of satisfaction I wasn’t expecting.  Best use of the delete button for sure.

That’s all I got.  Go with yourself.

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“the incessant quest for identity” – part of the mission statement for a magazine called Fear.less.


I do like to punch up Seth Godin’s blog from time to time (who on the internet doesn’t?). Seth posts little bon mots and what nots of an inspirational nature.  Occasionally he collects them up into books to make a living (I bought one!).

He was taking about the magazine industry and how they; like everyone “old” media; is heading to dinosaur land.  All good stuff.  I read about the death of radio everyday… according to some “new media-ists” I should have been laid off like 600 times by now… so that’s great, every pay-cheque is a gift!

I checked out the micro-magazine, likely not my style but I really liked that line at the top, part of their mission statement talks about the fear of… the incessant quest for identity.

Incessant is a good word.  Without pause of stop.  To the point of annoyance.  Doesn’t that just sum it up?


My latest “identity”…. bicyclist… I don’t know how Dave does it.  Two days in and that seat hurts that delicate area between my balls and bum.

I guess I just got to push through that dip and get hard to it.  Seeing as I have no scooter anymore, its how I am getting to work.

I went to Mountain Equipment Co-op today to look at all the accoutrements, ugh… this is going to be another hobby to drain all my money.  So much fun stuff to buy that I will “need” for my commute.

Luckily I stayed focused and actually bought nothing… but mostly because my money is spoken for until I am out of debt. hmmm, but pay day is Friday….

Go with yourself.

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