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I was weirdly thinking about an old song I used to play all the time on The Morning After Show when we first launched the show on CiTR back in 1998.

There was this ep from a band called Dead Model Shoot. The record channeled 70s and 80s alternative or pop-punk.

There was a cut on the record called “My Right Wing Mates.” The song tells the story of a guy wrestling with his sexuality and the challenges of coming out to a group of guys who might not accept him. The song is set to a fairly bouncing pop tune.

I was thinking about the song as it still gets stuck in my head to this day, so I reached out to Cameron Hartl, one of the members of the now defunct group and I asked him if it was based on a true story.

“Not fully literally but more like a tongue in cheek thing about my growing up in Surrey with “tough” dudes. Sure I messed around in my sexuality and thought it interesting that I was in this tough guy macho sort of crowd,” said Hartl on Facebook. “One of my best friends at the time came up to me at the bar drunk after we released the EP and he was like, ” wait, so am I like your Right Wing Mate?Like wtf?” Obviously it is also an homage to Morrissey but being more direct as well.”

Go with yourself.

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Capital Rock City #48 goes back in time to 2005/2006 to play some of my old faves from the first season of Capital Rock City.
Have a listen:  Capital Rock City 48

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DJ Notes

01) Black Tie Social – “Silver Screens”
02) Jets Overhead – “Addiction”
03) Maurice – “Hold On”
04) Heart Carried Heavy – “Courage”
05) Leeroy Stagger – “Just in Case”
06) Open Parachute – “Art and Credit Cards”

Just feeling nostalgic for some of the old tunes from the first run of CRC back in the winter of 2005 and spring/summer of 2006.  It was very hard to cut this show down to just six tracks.  I hope there is something there in that set that you’ll love.

Next week will be #49 and it’ll be new music once again.  I have a great song from Adam at Sonic 102.9 in the chute and I think Lindsey in Winnipeg is toying with the idea of sending a dispatch from the Fly Ridden City.

For episode #50 I am not sure what to do to celebrate?  Maybe a best of ’09 (so far) or listener picks?  I don’t know if I have enough listeners for a listeners pick, but maybe I’ll try that and if I don’t get enough requests, I’ll flesh it out.

Then #51 will be a project as I attempt to uncover some old audio from the original “Morning After Show.”  I *had* some old cassettes floating around from sporadic shows.  I didn’t do a very good job of archiving anything back then because honestly, I didn’t think I’d be on the radio for 10 years… but it is the 10 year anniversary of my first radio show, and I want to find some old clips to share and maybe play some of the old indie rock from the time (Dead Model Shoot anyone?).  I do know that one of my original mini-discs of “imaging” went missing pretty soon after I moved to Victoria and the other one I think has also wandered by now.  That is kinda sad.
Whatever, I’d use what I got and see if any of it is still funny and make it a special CRC #51.


Thank you for downloading Capital Rock City and if you enjoy my podcast, please share the link with a friend.

Go with yourself.

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