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Yelawolf‘s new record won’t be out till 2015…but his song “Till It’s Gone” showed up a couple weeks ago on Sons of Anarchy. Listening to the lyrics…it sure sounds like a song written to show up during a montage on SOA.


And I share my latest episode of Fact Checking The Morning Zone.

I appreciate you taking the time to check out my blog or hitting the songs on Hype Machine.

Go with yourself.

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Massive club banger remix of the Offspring modern rock hit “Pretty Fly (for a white guy).”

Matt Zanardo takes us all back to high-school. (Well, takes me back to that awkward time after high school but before I had found any direction in life.) The song has a big Las Vegas style of electro houseness to it.


Before I take off for the weekend…I’ll leave you with a clip from my radio show. The Morning Zone was beeking off about Mexican food while I was driving in to boxing for my morning workout. Jason implied that Mexican food makes you fart…. but it doesn’t make me gassy…huh. I better get some experts on the show to ask them about Mexican Food.


Happy Friday! Go with yourself.

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Hello Bloglandia…back from a little holiday. Our little tribe headed to Quesnel for my cousin’s wedding. And when in Quesnel, you gotta hit Barkerville. An honest to goodness British frontier town. I don’t know how many young and hip music blog readers will find themselves in the wilderness of central British Columbia…but you’ll be surrounded in working beards, not fashionable beards. Its great.

Barkerville was an old gold mining town from the days of colonial British Columbia. Billy Barker found gold in William Creek in 1861, a town sprung up near his mine and that town is named after him.

Today it is preserved as a museum town.  They have all sorts of stuff to do…my kid got a kick out of gold panning. And she loved all the horses pulling wagons around the town.

Fun fact.. Billy Barker is buried in Victoria. His grave is in the Ross Bay Cemetery. Neat.

Rolling hot at the radio factory, brand new song from Seattle indie rocker Fences showed up. Fences has many cool friends and they all came together on his new single “Arrows.”

Recorded by Death Cab For Cutie‘s Chris Walla, re-imagined by Ryan Lewis and featuring verse from Macklemore. Lyrically themes that get right to the point and there you have a posit-rock Much Mega hit.

Macklemore talks about Fences; “Fences is a good friend, he’s fucked up in the same way that I’m fucked up. Because of that, our lives relate beyond the music. I’ve always admired his talent for illustrating with words and evoking imagery. We’ve made a bunch of stuff together over the years and this here song about Arrows is my favorite one we’ve done.”


From the radio show yesterday…. Dylan & Jason were talking about regulating your body temperature on a hot day by drinking a hot beverage. is that true? I call Professor Frank Marino at Charles Sturt University in Australia and I talk to Professor Kathy Gaul at the University of Victoria to get the cold facts.

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