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he Chris Walla song “Kanta’s Theme” is so chill, it is cutting fjords in my head with glaciers operating on geological time.


I kinda really like it. Chill.

Chris Walla we know and love from Death Cab For Cutie. Hey…remember when he played his final show with the band in Victoria? Neat.

New record is called Tape Loops…and as the title suggests, a tape based recording session where he loops some tapes and what not.

“I can’t change a closed, physical tape loop with a mouse-click or a keystroke, and that’s precisely the point,” Walla explains.  “Digital recording and editing often feels like working in a spreadsheet—it’s not always a place for dreams.”


Toronto’s Young Empires are so hot right now. Their debut LP, The Gates, is out on Friday and the single by the same name is popular on modern rock radio.

The band channels that electronic/indie rock vibe to create a fun and vibrant sound. Their first ep came out in 2012 and had more of a house energy, for this record they wanted to grow their sound.

We all knew that we wanted to make a record that was more mature,” says lead vocalist Matthew Vlahovich. ”We were 25 years old when we wrote our first one, now we’re in our thirties. We’ve all grown up on a lot of levels.”

The band is heading out on tour, here are our Pacific Northwest shows..

Sept 15 – Portland, OR – Analog Theater
Sept 16 – Seattle, WA – Tractor Tavern
Sept 17 – Vancouver, BC – Fortune Sound Club
Sept 19 – Victoria, BC – Rifflandia


Jamie and I take the party to the Fair at the PNE to check out the Craft Beer Fest.

I channel my best Nardwuar then we hit the booths with our adorable little 4 ounce mug.

I’d love your support with a view or maybe even a share!

Go with yourself.

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Allergies are in full effect over here in my corner of North America. But the trees look outstanding…so I’ll eat my spicy noodle box and just clear out all that mucus the old fashioned way.

I was sent a song from Brooklyn band Surf Rock is Dead. They do kind of a post-rock filtered through a hazy surf-rock guitar tone?



Let’s have a listen to the latest from Death Cab For Cutie. New record is out on March 31st and will be called Kintsugi.

Go with yourself.

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You’ve heard the new Death Cab For Cutie songBlack Sunright?

Rad…OK, just making sure.

Go with yourself.

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Hello Bloglandia…back from a little holiday. Our little tribe headed to Quesnel for my cousin’s wedding. And when in Quesnel, you gotta hit Barkerville. An honest to goodness British frontier town. I don’t know how many young and hip music blog readers will find themselves in the wilderness of central British Columbia…but you’ll be surrounded in working beards, not fashionable beards. Its great.

Barkerville was an old gold mining town from the days of colonial British Columbia. Billy Barker found gold in William Creek in 1861, a town sprung up near his mine and that town is named after him.

Today it is preserved as a museum town.  They have all sorts of stuff to do…my kid got a kick out of gold panning. And she loved all the horses pulling wagons around the town.

Fun fact.. Billy Barker is buried in Victoria. His grave is in the Ross Bay Cemetery. Neat.

Rolling hot at the radio factory, brand new song from Seattle indie rocker Fences showed up. Fences has many cool friends and they all came together on his new single “Arrows.”

Recorded by Death Cab For Cutie‘s Chris Walla, re-imagined by Ryan Lewis and featuring verse from Macklemore. Lyrically themes that get right to the point and there you have a posit-rock Much Mega hit.

Macklemore talks about Fences; “Fences is a good friend, he’s fucked up in the same way that I’m fucked up. Because of that, our lives relate beyond the music. I’ve always admired his talent for illustrating with words and evoking imagery. We’ve made a bunch of stuff together over the years and this here song about Arrows is my favorite one we’ve done.”


From the radio show yesterday…. Dylan & Jason were talking about regulating your body temperature on a hot day by drinking a hot beverage. is that true? I call Professor Frank Marino at Charles Sturt University in Australia and I talk to Professor Kathy Gaul at the University of Victoria to get the cold facts.

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postal service
Happy Monday! A weekend of emails to answer on Monday morning brought many new song developments to share.  One f the more exciting ones, new music from Ben Gibbard’s (Death Cab for Cutie) Postal Service.

The song will be part of April’s ten year reissue of 2003’s Give Up.

The song once again taps female vocalist Jenny Lewis (Ril0 Kiley) for a contribution.

Death Cab goes on tour for the first time in ten years… beginning at Coachella and winding its way up to Sasquatch in May.

Go with yourself.

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Well ain’t that a pip… I was blogging about the greatness that is Dinosaur Jr yesterday and I sent a fan “tweet” to Lou Barlow.  The dude tweeted back and followed.  So pretty much I felt like a rock star yesterday.


I am on the last chapter of Our Band Could Be Your Life. I’ll be so sad when its done.  What will I read next? Hunger Games?  I dunno about that.

The final chapter is on Olympia’s Beat Happening.  I am not done reading yet… but so far I really like the vibe of Beat Happening.  Great lo-fi indie pop.  I was checking out some BH music and the top hit was this song…

“Indian Summer”

Wait a minute… I know that song!

Ben Gibbard – “Indian Summer”

Beat Happening fired up in the early 80s.  College kids from the Evergreen State’s capital… errr capitol.

They weren’t much of musicians in the traditional sense… which makes them kind of inspiring.  They just had some ideas and some music thoughts and recorded them.  Put out records, practiced and got better.

Unlike most all the bands covered in Our Band Could Be You Life… so far at least… beat Happening seem to actually be friends and get along.

Such a neat song.

Go with yourself.

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Zoey Deschanel and Ben Gibbard Engaged!

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