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Seth Godin says to own your brand.  Meaning, to make up a word to describe what you do, so that way it costs you far less to dominate search and generally be the top of the mind name for what you do.

Since I am my own brand… I guess, like any band or creative force, I own my own brand.  When I goggle me, I am first on the list! huzzah!

Sadly, its my MySpace that comes up before this blog, but the blog is number two.

On my old MySpace blog back in the halcyon days when people actually used their MySpace accounts, I did a feature called “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.”  I think part of me wants to resurrect that feature so I can talk about news articles I come across like this gem: Teen with No Licence, High on Drugs, Crashes Car

This kid packs the bongs, takes a puff then decides its a good idea to take Mommy and Daddy’s car for a spin.  He pulls an illegal U-turn and causes a man riding a Harley to t-bone the car.  The rider flies over the hood and is injured.  Then the hilarity ensues:
The teen was given a ticket for driving without a valid licence and unsafe U-turn and was also issued a 24-hour suspension for driving under the influence of marijuana.

A 24-hour suspension?  The kid doesn’t even have a licence… how about a forever suspention till he figures out life and takes the test like everyone else.

What makes this story even more tragic is that a Harley driver was injured… and after my broadcast from Steve Drane Harley Davidson, I have a new goal.

01) Learn Graphic Design and Create a Media Press Kit for Myself
02) get Married
03) achieve a University Degree
04) Own a Harley!

as you can imagine, I have a kinship with my fallen rider.

and in case you’re wondering what sorta bike I’ll want to upgrade the scooter too: Harley Davidson Nightster


I’m not married to THIS bike by any means, but something small and classic looking like it.  There was a ton of bikes at Steve Drane that I instantly fell in love with.

OK, put the dreams down, back to the brass tax of life.


Coral and I will be booking at Mandalay BayVancityrockgirl (who happens to own her own brand) is going above and beyond and sharing lots of great rates and ideas on how to save some $$$ for the Vegas Wedding adventure.

24 Hour Relay For the Kids

the Fourth Annual Mankini Car Wash is going down this Saturday!
Saturday, May 16:
Mankini Carwash
Time:11:00am – 3:00pm
Location: Corner of Glanford and Vanalman

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day yesterday crushed.  It was almost a Father’s day too… such a perfect day off with my girls.  Mads spoiled Mom with lots of presents and then she helped me whip up some eggs benny for the future Mrs. Baker.

We watched Zathura! Nice… and a commercial I voiced came on the TV which made me feel like a rock star.

In the afternoon, we took a walk along Dallas Road and drive through Oak Bay looking at all the houses we hope to one day be able to afford.

Then Alix came over to craft some brilliant ribs and Coral’s family came over for dinner and a spirited game of World Monopoly… which I won!


Alright, I gotta get ready to hop on the radio for a radio show.

Go with yourself.

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Just thinking about a few things.

1) Marley & Me used to be a book.
2) The Coyotes are recieving Corporate Welfare from the NHL.  I wonder how much money the Winnipeg Jets got in handouts from the NHL headoffice before being forced to relocate to Phoenix? As they say, the grass is always greener in the… umm desert… SWA?
3) I got a couple books for Christmas and I am very excited to read them.  Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers” and Seth Godin’s “Tribes.”

I am dripping from inspiration right now which is very good and frustrating feeling.  It is like being exceptionally horney and knowing you will get some action… but not yet.  Its actually hurting my head.  I have been reading Malcolm Gladwell’s book and the crux of it is this, “work hard, and get rewarded…. later.”  Well, I think its that… I am only part way through the book.

Yikes, so I am excited to start some projects and hammer away at them… but I know there will be no tangible reward for what?  ten years!  holy fuck (great band too!).

I read this bit some time ago about ther 4 stages of learning.  If I remember it went something like…

01) You don’t know what you don’t know
02) You know what you don’t know
03) You know what you know
04) You don’t know that you know

whoa right.

So taking that model and then reading Malcolm who says it will take you 10,000 hours to achieve leval 4 or about 10 years if you dive head first into your passion… or just over 3 years if you do your passion as a 60 a week obsession.

Right… I want to improve my persoanl brand and get paid more money.  I think I am at number 2.  I know that there are things I do not know.  I have to learn what they are and then practise, practise and practise for 10 years… and then maybe I will be a rock star at what I want to achieve.  I will be 38 (almost 39) and Madelyn will be 10.  If all things work (and they will if I make them work) and the gears turn and I grind away, I should be making top dollar by the time Madelyn starts caring about spending all my money.

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