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I got a pile of bills sitting on the table.  Ugh, giving me heart palpitations.  Its my own fault.  I let shit slide in the summer and its coming home to roost.  Need to man-up and just dump my hoarded cash on it.  Bummer man, I hoard cash like an Orc chief, but thus is life in Victoria.

More remixes came across the inbox today.  One that grabbed my attention is another xx remix.  This sexy rework comes courtesy Libations and Oscillations.  I really smooth and easy take on The xx song “Sunset” from their latest album Coexist.

The xx – “Sunset” (Libations and Oscillations Remix)

Download MP3 >> Soundcloud

I *might* have more xx remixes than album tracks from this band. Neat.


Today, I read a most excellent article in Vulture about the Brooklyn indie rockers Grizzly Bear. (read it)

The article talks about the life and finances of a “big indie rock band” and puts into perspective just how hard it is to make it.  So good.

There is lots of talk of the importance of radio (what? nobody listens to the radio anymore)

The commercial system, he says, is “utterly fascinating and infuriating at the same time,” particularly the unwritten rules governing what is and is not deemed playable on the radio, and his sense that radio is still about the only way to reach people who don’t spend time actively seeking out new music. “I’ve always thought we write pop music,” he says. “I think songs of ours could be on the radio. They’re not.” The question of which bands get traction in the smaller indie world strikes him as a bit arbitrary and mysterious, too, but that’s a hurdle the band’s already cleared. Now it’s poised somewhere between rock-critical acclaim and genuine crossover. “There’s a ceiling that independent artists hit,” he recently told NPR, “and the only way past it is radio.” And radio “still feels very much controlled by major labels’ ability to use leverage—you still have to have the muscle. Very few indie acts actually have breakthrough radio hits.”

Interesting perspective from their side.

Well Grizzly Bear… lets have a listen to your song “Yet Again.”  They play the shit out of “Yet Again” on SiriusXM U (god Sirius has the most tragic branding).

Grizzly Bear -“Yet Again”

Download MP3 >> TapeMixTape


That’s all I got. Go with yourself.

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Wonderfully weird new video from Grizzly Bear.  Can’t wait to see them at Sasquatch!


This guy is not jamming out Sasquatch, but I wish he was… I just like this song.  It is happy.

Blog again on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Have a great weekend.

Go with yourself.

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Looking forward to the Sasquatch Festival this weekend.  A couple bands that I will be seeking.

Grizzly Bear

The new song is called “Two Weeks” and in the couple days I’ve had it on the laptop I have developed a minor obsession.  The Fred Falke remix will get some love tonight at The Clubhouse.  I don’t really know how to explain the song, probably best if you just click the link above and listen.  Indie rock?  I guess that’s what it is all called these days.  I like the remix a better.

Passion Pit

Maybe a little on the bizarre, but there is something about this guy’s style that captivates.  “Sleepyhead” so far has been the stand-out off his recentish ep Chunk of Change.

The Avett Brothers

hmmm, someone told me I’d like this alt country duo, but I can’t remember who… so if it was you, thank you.  I do like them.

The Airborne Toxic Event

Pitchfork hates this band, I love them.  I missed ATE at Pemberton because they were on some side stage early in the day and I didn’t get over to the stage very often (or maybe they were mainstage, or late, or…).  I was weighed down with my baby in tow and it was hard to move about from stage-to-stage all day and still keep the baby Rampage saited.

Sasquatch, Corj and I are leaving Mads with Nana and I’ll be bringing my walking shoes and thermos of Vodka/red bulls.

Speaking of the baby Rampage… she awakens and I must go.

Go with yourself.


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