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I got a pile of bills sitting on the table.  Ugh, giving me heart palpitations.  Its my own fault.  I let shit slide in the summer and its coming home to roost.  Need to man-up and just dump my hoarded cash on it.  Bummer man, I hoard cash like an Orc chief, but thus is life in Victoria.

More remixes came across the inbox today.  One that grabbed my attention is another xx remix.  This sexy rework comes courtesy Libations and Oscillations.  I really smooth and easy take on The xx song “Sunset” from their latest album Coexist.

The xx – “Sunset” (Libations and Oscillations Remix)

Download MP3 >> Soundcloud

I *might* have more xx remixes than album tracks from this band. Neat.


Today, I read a most excellent article in Vulture about the Brooklyn indie rockers Grizzly Bear. (read it)

The article talks about the life and finances of a “big indie rock band” and puts into perspective just how hard it is to make it.  So good.

There is lots of talk of the importance of radio (what? nobody listens to the radio anymore)

The commercial system, he says, is “utterly fascinating and infuriating at the same time,” particularly the unwritten rules governing what is and is not deemed playable on the radio, and his sense that radio is still about the only way to reach people who don’t spend time actively seeking out new music. “I’ve always thought we write pop music,” he says. “I think songs of ours could be on the radio. They’re not.” The question of which bands get traction in the smaller indie world strikes him as a bit arbitrary and mysterious, too, but that’s a hurdle the band’s already cleared. Now it’s poised somewhere between rock-critical acclaim and genuine crossover. “There’s a ceiling that independent artists hit,” he recently told NPR, “and the only way past it is radio.” And radio “still feels very much controlled by major labels’ ability to use leverage—you still have to have the muscle. Very few indie acts actually have breakthrough radio hits.”

Interesting perspective from their side.

Well Grizzly Bear… lets have a listen to your song “Yet Again.”  They play the shit out of “Yet Again” on SiriusXM U (god Sirius has the most tragic branding).

Grizzly Bear -“Yet Again”

Download MP3 >> TapeMixTape


That’s all I got. Go with yourself.

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London’s The XX have a new record called Coexist out on September 11th.  Already the album is streaming for those in the want.  A remix floating around the blogs today comes from a Philadelphia producer named Skollo.  One blogger described it as a moombahton style.  Sure.

The xx – “Angels” (Skollo remix)

Download MP3 >> Angels (Sköllo Remix)


I read an interview the other day on Pitchfork with Dr. Jonathan Sterne and he was talking about his new book about the MP3.  I thought it sounded pretty neat so I emailed him and said, “I’m a radio guy, blah blah blah, send me a book.”

AND he did!

I cracked it, and the first page had an interesting quote from the 1930s.

The organic has become visible

again even within the mechani-

cal complex: some of our most

characteristic mechanical instru-

ments—the telephone, the phono-

graph, the motion picture—have

grown out of our interest in the human

voice and the human eye and our knowl-

edge of their physiology and anatomy.

Can one detect, perhaps, the characteristic

properties of this emergent order—its pat-

tern, its planes, its angle of polarization, its color?

Can one, in the process of crystallization, remove

the turbid residues left behind by our earlier forms

of technology? Can one distinguish and define the specific

properties of a technics directed toward the service of life:

properties that distinguish it morally, socially, politically, es-

thetically from the cruder forms that preceded it? Let us make

the attempt.—Lewis Mumford, Technics and Civilization

Right on Mumford… right on. Interesting character and a great way to start a book about ones and zeros and music.


Some serious thought to wrap the grey matter of my brain around.  I’ve also been thinking of writing a story.  Ugh, two actually… but they are both so weird and niche and I don’t see the end or the point yet.  That might take more meditation and a machine that adds a couple more hours to the day because right now, there just ain’t enough time.

That’s all I got, time to go read my book.

Go with yourself.

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I am going to start with a couple emails today, my man Geoff talking about yesterday’s post about some bands I am jiving on including The xx:

“I like the xx disc but I know a few people who won’t even give it a listen because of the whole pitchforkmedia thing. pitchfork giveth and it taketh away.

I thought that was a neat thought.  Its almost as if Pitchfork is becoming is a parody of itself.

I replied:

its as if them liking something is the kiss of death for a band. But I don’t care, generally if they really like something, there is something there to like. And even the records they pan, they generally write in a way that can still intrigue me. I remember when Silversun Pickups came out and Pitchfork gave it a “meh” review, they did it in a way that I read it and went, “you know, that might be something I like!”

Some feedback from a Zoner named Megan in regards to this week’s contest to win Stone Temple Pilots concert tickets…. which doesn’t have a clever name.  uh oh, bad DJ am I.  Basically I unleash the power of the FM dial and encode a “secret” message on either the left or right channel.  you need to pan your stereo right or left to hear it.  Megan is into it except… MONO stereo!  ahhhhh

“Hey! I have to say, the Stone Temple Pilots ‘beat the box office’ contest is cool, with the secret code and everything. But, I listen to the zone everyday” at work on my headphones, and it doesn’t work on headphones!! I get both messages in both ears. So, I am at an unfair disadvantage, tho I am a huge and religiously loyal zone fan!! Just sayin!”

I hope she figures it out, because today… the code is extra, extra special!

Lastly a message from local Victoria manabouttown JP Maurice.  He is part of a hip hop crew? sure crew, called The CFC and they have a new video for their song “City Drift.”  Listen for “City Drift” next week on Capital Rock City with songs from Purple Grimus, Rabbit and likely more Laundronauts/Steph Macpherson/Forestry.  Whoa, so much good new local music to get at…

Go with yourself.

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