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Huckdoll’s post today is mighty.

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Coral and I were talking about the word meme the other day.  We had finished reading Huckdoll’s blog where she posted a meme and I said, “What’s up with Mommy bloggers writing autobiographies and calling them meme’s?”

Coral said, “first off its not pronounced Me! Me! its pronounced meem, like cream.

And I think it comes from a sociology thing, but has since been co-opted by the internet to mean those little questionnaire things that spread around the internet.”

It was a pretty good read so I will do one now, but I think I will fill out about Coral and see if I can get anything right.

1. What is Coral’s current obsession?

Coral is the kind of person that finds something she likes or is interested in, then dives in full force.  Right now I don’t think there is any one thing I’d classify as Coral-Level-Obsessed.  I’d say she is in between obsessions.

2. What is her weirdest obsession?

Willie Pickton.  Fucking weird.  Love you.

3. Recall a fond childhood memory?

Coral always talks about the old house they lived in in Airdrie, Alberta and she talks about the time her and Alyx ran away form home.  They made it as far as the corner store across the field which I guess as little kids, was pretty darn far.  Then they got hungry and the jig was up!  Time to go home.

4. What’s for dinner?

That is far to far into the future.  My Coral can leave a comment and let me know!  She has the day off today with Mads so maybe they can put their heads together and think of something.

5. What would she eat for her last meal?

I am not too sure what Coral’s fave restaurant of all time is… but since we’ve been together it always makes her happy when we hit Mo:le so I’d say Mo:le and it would have to have something to do with pesto potatoes.

6. What’s the last thing she bought?

Boring, diapers and food for yesterday’s dinner.

7. What is Coral listening to right now?

She is sleeping, but her alarm is set to the Ocean?  WTF?  The drive into work she jams out Kid Carson.  The last music she downloaded was from Frankie Valli and some Madcon (cuz he samples Franki Vallie).  She says summer is a top 40 time for her.

8. What does she think of the person who tagged you?

She wasn’t tagged.  But I stole this meme from Huchdoll and I think Coral likes her as she reads her blog pretty regular like.  She introduced me to Huck’s blog… Coral had an obsession with Mommy Blogs and was reading tons and as she put some together and read and read, she found a few girls were based outta Coquitlam and had a similar age to me and the next thing you know, the Highschool Year Books were on the floor as she tried to detective all the characters.

9. If she could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished, anywhere in the world, where would it be?

On the ocean in Oak Bay.  Coral also likes Los Angelas so on the ocean there… and she’d handle a vacation home in Vegas too I think.

Her jet setting lifestyle might also include a flat in London.

10. If Coral could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would she go?

The future on Saturday after 6PM so she could see what the lottery numbers are.

11. Which language does Coral want to learn?

English better, she wants to be an editor.

12. What’s her favourite quote (for now)?

Coral isn’t really one to share quote she has collected with me, but one she wrote down is: “Life is just a chance to grow a soul.”

13. What is her favourite colour?

Oh I should know this…. hmmm… purple?

14. What is her favourite piece of clothing in her own wardrobe?

Coral hates most her clothes. Pajama pants?  The striped ones she is wearing right now.

15. What is Coral’s dream job?

a writer.

16. What’s Coral’s favourite magazine?

I don’t know if she has A favourite.  She’ll read the gossips but she’ll also jam out a National Geographic.  I also catch her reading interior design magazines and once she even jammed out Wired.

17. If she had $100 now, what would she spend it on?
A haircut. or paper for wedding invitations or likely she’d try and do both and make the $100 go as far is it can.

18. Describe her personal style?

She is pretty casual in appearance but her new glasses make her rock that hot librarian thing pretty hard.

19. What is she going to do after this?

Set her daughter up with an RESP then maybe she’ll go to the mall and pick our camera up form the camera fixer shop.

20. What are her favourite films?

Fern Gully!

(but she said, “hey that’s not my favourite, favourite movie!  The Little Mermaid”)

21. What’s her favourite fruit?

Strawberries and Blueberries.

22. What inspires Coral?

She might have a different answer but what I notice drives Coral to action is her friends and some bloggers.

23. Her favourite books?

Coral reads a TON.  I don’t what her favourite one book is… but she has shelves of them here at home and borrows tons from friends.

24. Does she collect anything?


25. Any advice that’s come from bitter experience?

hmmm, that is a hard one for me to answer for Coral.  Don’t use your credit card too much. ha.

26. What makes her follow a blog?

She likes people that tell good stories, strong writing style and people that update frequently.

OK… maybe Coral will comment to see how well I did.

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Its just a trailer, but I love how this documentary is shot.

I love the colours of the graphics, I love how they tie into all the graphics and colours of the band.  I love the sounds, I love the images.  Its just a trailer and I watch it over and over.  I would have bought the video right now if it was on iTunes but thankfully ( I am so broke and should leave my credit card in the wallet) it was not!

“One day I’ll get money, I’ll get funny again.”

The first 15 seconds or so of The National’s “All The Wine” sounds like the score music of Friday Night Lights.  Being an old and busted Dad type guy means I spend a lot of Friday nights at home and lately I am all about that show.  The musical score makes the hour pretty special.

Turns out a lot of the score is from the group Explosions in the Sky which oddly, has become a recent fave of mine… no wonder I was picking up on the musical score of the show.

Neat.  They refer to their music as “cathartic mini-symphonies.”  Cathartic, good word.

I know Huckdoll is a big fan of Friday Night Lights… but I don’t think its for the music.

Go with yourself.

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