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Capital Rock City #81 was a fun and special production.  This week the show comes to you live from the Black Stilt Coffee Lounge.

Download: CRC 81 LIVE From the Black Stilt


DJ Notes

Sadly, I don’t have a set list, but the order of performers goes like this.

01) Jason WalshDownload his set
02) Doc CurrieDownload his set
03) Liz and SimonDownload their set
04) JP MauriceDownload their set

Cast of Characters:

Principle Organizer: Tyson Elder
Sound: Scott Lougheed
Poster: LadyMix
Door: MissAllyB

Thank you for all your work and help in putting on the event.

Tyson is already dreaming up the next live event.

I hope you enjoy the production and if you like any of the tunes please share the link with a friend.

Go with yourself.

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Friends and ex-lovers, its time for this week’s Capital Rock City podcast, my last podcast as an unwed bastard father.

Download: Capital Rock City #76

Thank you for taking the time to not only download the show but taking the next step of visiting my blog and finding out more about the bands.  Since you’ve some this far, is it too much to ask that you spread the word and share the world of Capital Rock City on your social network?  Subscribe on iTunes?  Maybe even use this RSS Feed get your weekly dose of the bestest indie rock from the most leftest fringe of Canada!

I am off on holiday tomorrow, and the next Capital Rock City will be in the distant future (like October15th or 16th).  Don’t be shy, explore some old (but still fly) CRCs!


DJ Notes

01) Acres of Lions – “Dance Sequence”
02) The Laundronauts – “Come Clean”
03) Jason Walsh – “Blood in my Eye”
04) Steph Macpherson – “To You”


Friday night last week, it was my buddy (my bro-ski) Double R’s birthday.  We all met at Razer’s apartment downtown for some pints and to wax all nostalgic for years past.  Razer plays guitar and keys (see above) for Acres of Lions and he had just got back from Vancouver where AOL recorded a music video for the song “Dance Sequence.”  The is still being produced but there are some great candids from the film set on their facebook page.  Check it out! and add them as a fan.

Acres of Lions are playing Hallowfest on October 31st at Saanich Commonwealth Place.  Just $10!  Believe it.

I had promised a Laundronaut song every week till we grind through their album…. but then last week I fell off the wagon so this week I present song number 2, “Come Clean.”

Now I must apologize for this week’s show which is kinda brutal, mostly because I didn’t put a lot of love in and wanted to get it done.  Tomorrow I am off on holidays so doing multiple takes, or researching, or writing… was not on the menu… but next week (or the week after) I will have a treat from JP Maurice.  He has promised to come by and perform a song exclusively for Capital Rock City.  It is one of my all-time favourites from Maurice and song they have never recorded (that I know of) or even play live anymore, which is too bad, because its a pretty rad song.

Jason Walsh messaged me the pother day saying he got wind of the Capital Rock City podcast from Two (thank you Two for being a good soldier for the podcast and sharing with a friend).  Jason sent me some music he working on and I like the style.  Kinda Bob Dylan-ish?  sure.

The show end with another goodie from Steph Macpherson.

Next week’s episode will be late (October 15th or 16th), and likely I think its time for a recap show where I grab some special moments from the past while OR actually I have a ton of live tracks recorded on my afternoon show in the Zone studio, so maybe I’ll do that.  I have a Dudes song, A Trophy Life, Said The Whale and Vince Vaccaro.  Yup that sounds like a plan for CRC 77.

I really wanna watch Hells Kitchen but the baby or Coral have lost the Shaw Box remote… so bed time then an early morning wake-up call and a trip to Vegas.  Talk to you next week.

Go with yourself.

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