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Jack is one

Happy Holidays blog nation. Enjoyed a nice Christmas with my family in Coquitlam. Now the tribe is back on the Island for New Year’s and today is my son’s first birthday.

Happy Birthday Jack Baker. One year old today!

He is a funny little gremlin. Very active. Climbs up on and then off of everything. Remarkably happy by daylight hours. But get him wet or feed him after midnight, and look out.

His hobbies include watching sports played on natural grass, Madelyn’s toys, eating things off the floor (five second rule HOLLA!), going for hikes, and smashing the phone.

Happy Birthday!


Hmm, a song. I have been off the computer and I’m between radio jobs right now so to be honest, I haven’t been listening to too much. I fired up my sound cloud today and I noticed a new post from JP Maurice.

“That Day” is another cut from 2013’s The Arborist. Bright guitars, breezy vibes.


I am moving to Vancouver in 2015. I’ll be presenting a radio show on CFOX. As it stands, my first show will be January 7th. Make a date with your radio!

I wanted to share one of my favourite radio memories. This is a clip of a story I shared on the Zone back in the fall of 2008 when my daughter Madelyn was just a wee bee-bee. I always liked it.


Looking forward to getting back in the new music exploration business with you in 2015. Thank you for checking out my blog.

Go with yourself.

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I love this old picture from Nat Geo Found. The little dude is out hustling a few bucks selling some lemonade.

“A boy sells lemonade from his front yard stand on Main Street in Aspen, Colorado, 1973.PHOTOGRAPH BY DICK DURRANCE II, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CREATIVE”

Former Victorian and now Vancouverite, JP Maurice released a new single today… check out “Poison Heart.”

Its a melodramatic song that reminds me of this This American Life piece.

I was driving home from a wedding late on Sunday night listening to the CBC. There was a song playing. I like music, but generally when a song is playing on the CBC its a bit of a downer. I was gunna punch out, but then the weirdest voice popped out of the radio and I had to listen.

Turns out the Ceeb was re-airing an old segment about professionally awkward Starlee Kine and her depressing breakup. The segment ultimately was about her quest to write the perfect torch song.

It was so bizarre, but I was transfixed. It felt at first like an over-developed character piece, but as I listened, I loved her more and more. In the end I was cheering Starlee on her adventure to create this torch song. Then she shared it with Phil Collins! Yes.
Now I love her. You really ought to go back in time to 2007 and have a listen for yourself.

Her style reminds me of the program Wiretap (which I generally hate…but also oddly love) and it turns out she sometimes shows up on that show, so circles man.

In the end, she co-wrote a song called “Three of Us.

OK, I don’t know if “Poison Heart” is a TORCH song in the traditional sense…I just heard it then immediately thought of Starlee Kine, I dunno.

Go with yourself.

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Meg Meyers
The beautiful Meg Myers went out and wrote a theme song for my blog.  Have a listen to “The Morning After”  over at SPIN.


Victoria’s JP Maurice returned to Victoria for a show last night. He stopped by the Radio Factory for a live performance of his song “The other one” from his record the Arborist.

Go with yourself.

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JP in Europe
JP Maurice sent a dispatch from Rome…. his song “The Other One” is getting some love in Vancouver on The Peak, and he was hoping we’d check it out here in Victoria.

Go with yourself.

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Capital Rock City #81 was a fun and special production.  This week the show comes to you live from the Black Stilt Coffee Lounge.

Download: CRC 81 LIVE From the Black Stilt


DJ Notes

Sadly, I don’t have a set list, but the order of performers goes like this.

01) Jason WalshDownload his set
02) Doc CurrieDownload his set
03) Liz and SimonDownload their set
04) JP MauriceDownload their set

Cast of Characters:

Principle Organizer: Tyson Elder
Sound: Scott Lougheed
Poster: LadyMix
Door: MissAllyB

Thank you for all your work and help in putting on the event.

Tyson is already dreaming up the next live event.

I hope you enjoy the production and if you like any of the tunes please share the link with a friend.

Go with yourself.

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