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Jon Middleton
Tag this one as Canadian Chill Folk or West Coast Chill Roots…. solo ep from Jon Middleton (Jon & Roy).  Jon’s solo stuff is very pretty and light.  If you took the foot off the gas even further from a typical Jon & Roy song you’d get a pretty good understanding of the ep called … I think its just called EP.

The music is very calm, relaxing and meditative.  If you live in the Rainy Forest Kingdom, or maybe just feel like sometimes you’d like to transport yourself to the world of storms, waves and trees, this is the record to do it.

I like a lot of songs on the EP from this Victorian singer-guitarist…but I like Jon best when he’s singing about nature, reflection, and reconciling that with modern urban living.

The Jon & Roy Holiday special is comingDecember 14th at the Alix Goolden.

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Good times.  Jon Middleton (Jon & Roy) sent me his new solo record.  Always such a pleasant listen… new Jon Middleton is pretty folky and very Vancouver Island.

Jon Middleton – “Vibrant Scene”

Download MP3 >> 06 Vibrant Scene

Jon and Roy will be one of many great Vancouver Island performers taking part in this summer V.I.C. Fest on June 18th.

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