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Weezer have a new music video for their modern rocking hit “Troublemaker.”  Generally I find Weezer pretty basic (this song is no exception) but people seem to really like this track.  The music is kinda cool, Weezer break a bunch of Guiness Records with their fans for example, The Biggest Custard Pie Fight, Air Guitar Jam, Most People on a Skateboard, Guitar Hero marathon, largest game of Dodgeball (which I think the Zone should try and destroy next Dodgeball season) and yeah.


I was inspired by the crumbling world economy (and Coral and I trashed our budget last week and have a LOT of money to make up) so I took Kraft up on their offer for the classic simple meal.  Grilled Cheese sandwich and tomato soup.

I went to Save-On Foods today, a company owned by my corporate overlord (I am saving up my Save-On points to buy my freedom) and bought the Western Family brand processed cheese, whole wheat bread and tomato soup.  Coral wanted me to get the Campbells’s reduced salt soup, but reduced salt soup is like $1.20 MORE than full salt soup.  Good thing we aren’t dying.  It would suck to have to buy healthy food.  You pay more for less… bizarre.

Its funny, Kraft always inspires me to try wholesome and cheap home cooked meals… yet I never buy Kraft.  I get to the store and the store brand is right beside Kraft and always cheaper… and I am standing there going, “well I am on a budget…” and reach for the store brand.  If I were Kraft, I’d have a talk with  the grocery stores, because they go out of their way to get you to NOT buy their food.  Maybe Kraft needs ot open their own store or get cheaper or something.

I also bought the Western Family ketchup which pissed Coral off royally.  I don’t eat ketchup becuase I think it’s the gnarly devil sauce, but Coral puts that red dip on everything.  She said the one thing you don’t CHEAP out on is ketchup.  “Its a rule.”  Whatever, I missed that memo.  She said, “I am mad at you, but one day I’ll get over it.  You’re still sleeping on the couch.”

Our grilled cheese sandwich and soup combo breaks down to about .88 cents a meal.  yum yum!

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Coral does a pretty funny Sarah Palin impression.  She is like my little Tina Fey.

Wayback Guy & Sarah Palin

Also on the clip, some talk of Vampires and M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes.”


I got a phone call yesterday (actually last week, but dealt with it yesterday) from a Zoner named Clayton.  Clayton told me a bout a band that he is jiving on called Manchester Orchestra.  Pretty pleasant indie rock.  Also, not from Manchester, they live in Georgia… U-S-A!

Manchester Orchestra

The music is pretty, like Band of Horses.


Coral and I went to see Bill Maher’s Religulous.

Bill says that God is not real!  Whoa… I always knew that the only thing REAL in my life was money.

but wait…

This just in: Pope says that financial crisis shows that money is an illusion, only the word of God is the foundation of reality.

I am so confused.


If I didn’t have to DJ tonight at Hugo’s (as in, you should come to Hugo’s tonight) I’d think about hitting an all candidates meeting for my riding.

Everything you need to know about electing someone to Ottawa.


Baby is crying and wants up from her nap… so I better go get her.  In these troubling economic times, we are off to Save-On Foods for some kraft singles and tomato soup.

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