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@ladymix sent me a follow up story to Wednesday’s JK Wedding Dane post.

“Wedding Dance” Newlyweds Speak Out Against Domestic Violence

By Lindsay, 3:40 PM on Fri Jul 31 2009,
After their wedding video rocketed to fame and sold thousands of downloads of Chris Brown‘s song “Forever,” Jill and Kevin have launched a site of their own, soliciting donations to combat domestic violence. They seem pretty serious about it, too.

On their new site, jkweddingdance.com, the couple states: “Due to the circumstances surrounding the song in our wedding video, we have chosen the Sheila Wellstone Institute. Sheila Wellstone was an advocate, organizer, and national champion in the effort to end domestic violence in our communities.” The site prominently displays links where readers can donate.

A statement from the Sheila Wellstone Institute points out that Jill’s current pHD work “focuses on breaking cycles of violence in society” and that Kevin is on his way to law school “due to his passion for social justice.”

Jill and Kevin, who, it should be noted, don’t get the money from those Chris Brown downloads – Chris Brown does – are going out of their way to use their fame to help others. Your turn, Chris, YouTube, and Sony.

YouTube Wedding Video Now Tool To Combat Domestic Violence [Star-Tribune]
I Now Pronounce You Monetized: A YouTube Video Case Study [GoogleBlog]

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“The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower becomes the lender’s slave.” – Proverbs 22:7


Whoa, I watching the National last night when they did a segment on biblical scripture being used for financial planning.  Who could think I’d get inspiration from not only the Christian Church but also Americans for financial reform?


Its bloody hot out!  Its all anyone talks about on their twitter feeds, or facebook or on the radio.

Whenever it gets this hot out, I always remember listening to Big Wreck’s “That Song” as a seventeen or eighteen-year-old kid.  It was insanely hot that summer and the family stereo was in the living room of my parent’s place in Coquitlam, the hottest room of the house.  I put the song on repeat and just lay on the floor jamming it out.

Now to this day, the song reminds me of summer… but the lazy, hazy late afternoon summer days.  Hanging out at home, bored and waiting for something to happen, which is basically the best times as a teenager.

This hot weather reminds me how much I truly enjoy my scooter.  It is just plain fun tooling around on that thing in the summer time.

The one issue we’re having at the Casa La CorJ is sleep (oh and lack of sex, Coral won’t let me touch her in this heat!).

I read about some neat innovations and I think I want to MacGyver something up tonight.

One method calls for filling a pan or bucket with ice, then placing the bucket in front of the fan, like a poor man’s air conditioner… and if there is one thing I am, its a poor man!

The article had more than a couple tips so I am sure I’ll find something that works.

Go with yourself.

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Download The Zone Afternoon Show: Zoner Rips Out His Roommate’s Toenail (mp3)

A bizarre moment today on the Zone Phone.  Tyler called into the show to request Phoenix’s “1901.”  He wanted to send it out to his roommate Cynthia because in mere moments, he was going to rip her toenail off her foot… and the savage medieval surgery happened live on the show.

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Give this dude one magical minute, and you’ll have a dance party on your hands! (thank you Zoner Rick for sending this in)

I remember being down on the floor for Santigold in the 80 plus degree heat and looking back up the hill at The Gorge and smiling at this moment in Sasquatch glory.

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So it has been decided that Corj and I will be getting married on October 11th in scenic, historic Las Vegas, Nevada.

The talk was to stay at and get married at Mandalay Bay.  However, after some searching and digging… Mandalay Bay is expensive.  So… here’s what’s up.

If you are coming to the wedding, or maybe you don’t know me well enough to come to my wedding… but let’s say you were my friend… then the question is, where should we all stay?

Last May, Natalie and Tyler got married in Vegas and it was an outrageously fun time.  We stayed at the Flamingo, Coral and I know this place to be good (and likely we’ll be saying the “I do’s” in one of the gardens there).  Coral and I made a short list of Casino’s that we like for cost/pool/location/family friendliness.  What do you think?

01) Mandalay Bay – Best Pool on the strip.  Seriously, look at it from space on Google Maps, it crushes every other casino.  Sadly, one of the more expensive hotel’s and located at the beginning of the strip so not as central.

02) Flamingo – The cheapest of the decent hotels, great pool, centrally located, likely having the ceremony in the garden here.  Downside really is that Corj and I already stayed here for Nat’s wedding and we were thinking of trying a new place.

03) Monte Carlo –  Whoa… Coral and I hadn’t really thought of it till we searched “best pools in Vegas” and this place ranked just behind Mandalay Bay.   Central location, good price. ***Natalie says that is beside the City Center mega project construction which could be a problem and the pool is in shade a lot of the time.

04) MGM Grand – Epic Pool, alright rooms, a little on the more expensive side, alright location.

05) Luxor – The pyramid one.  Also down at the end, bit not as end of the strip as Mandalay Bay.  Neat rooms… alright pool, alright price.

06) Mirage – Lush pool just like Flamingo.  Centrally located, OK price.

What are your thoughts?  if you are planning on coming to the wedding, where would YOU like to stay?… and don’t be shy.  Coral and I are going to book next week or the week and your thoughts and ideas will make the difference! huzzah.

For all things travel related and especially Vegas related, hit Vancityrockgirl’s blog!

some thoughts from Vancityrockgirl that she posted on my Facebook:
of the hotel options listed, mandalay bay is definitely the best hotel and the nicest pool.
second choice would be the mirage. newly renovated rooms and pool area. their “bare” pool is very hot right now… lots of celebs.
flamingo is great, but as you said, been there, done that. so i don’t need to tell you anything about there.
luxor sucks. rooms are very old and run down and the pool area is very basic.
mgm has a great pool area, but the rooms are so-so. if you decide to stay here, upgrade to a suite. i’d avoid the basic rooms. Read More
monte carlo is a great hotel, i love it there…. and the pool area is great… but (and this is a BIG BUT) it is currently totally shaded all day long because of the mammoth construction next door at city center. the rooms are not quiet because of the construction and the pool area doesn’t get sun anymore. total bummer, but that’s why you see their rates so cheap.

lso, (and perhaps most importantly) keep in mind that when you book direct with the hotel, you can cancel your reservation with no penalty. promo codes for october won’t come out until the end of summer (prob august), so i’d book and then keep an eye out for deals and either change hotels in august/september or get your rate matched to the current promo rate.
if you book with a 3rd party (expedia etc) or a package, you will not have this option.

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… allergies.

… Neti Pot.

Miranda told me about this creation, the Neti Pot. An unholy tea pot that pours a saline solution into your face through one nostril, and expels your head sewage out the other nose hole.

Yes it works, but at what cost?

Coral and I plunked the $20 bones down on the little blue tea pot looking vessel.  It came with 50 packets of saline solution mix and instructions.

Fill with water and saline solution.  Bend forward and tilt your head easily to one side.  Pour solution into nose.  Choke, gag, almost puke and then eventually drain snotty sludge.

Coral went first because she is brave and it worked great for her, but my turn did not work well the first time.  My nose was too clogged and after the one sinus filled with solution, it collected what snot it could, then rolled down the back of my throat, all in my mouth and some went down, down, down to my belly.

It made me want to gag, but it did make some progress, the second pot full of salty witch brew finally broke through the sinus barrier and brought a torrent of snot with it.

Yes, I am breathing tonight as I type this blog waiting for files to transfer from the PC to the Mac, but  still feel queasy from the experience.

The Neti Pot worked Miranda… it worked.  It woked too well… some things should never come out of your nose.

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