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I wake up and make a bottle for Madelyn.  Turn on the fire to chase the chill out of the room. Put the TV to A Morning.  Lay a bottle in Madelyn grabby hands.

And I am laughing so hard.  As I begin typing Madelyn is farting like an old man. ewwwww.

One of her favourite things to do when she is all by herself, is to jibber jabber… pause…. laugh… continue jibber jabber… pause… laugh… and she continues to do this till Coral and I can’t contain ourselves and burst out laughing.  Coral wants to try and film it.  We figure she is mimicking the ebb and flow of a conversation in our house.


I was writing last night about some recent downloads and one that I did not get to was a cool from a band called Fear of Music.  You’ll know this Manchester group is you have a TV and have seen the Sirius commercial about discover music.  Such a great spot.

The first time I saw this commercial it gave me tingles.  Then it was for Sirius and I went all wet noodle.  The song is amazing… so at least Sirius gave me that.  Oh and they sent me a sticker once.


I just finished a book that David Eleanor lent me from autor Hubert Selby Jr. called “Last Exit to Brooklyn.”

Wow… a pretty extreme book.  Maybe click the link above to get an idea of what its about.  It has a bizarre style of presentation.  Selby’s writing is almost physical and takes awhile to get used.  But give it time, because once you enter Selby’s world, you learn things.

Selby also worte “Requiem for a Dream.”  When I first saw that movie back in 2000, it changed my world view.  Selby says his most disturbing book is one called “The Room.”  Now that I know his idea of disturbing vastly different then mine, I am going to have to find and read that book.

Go with yourself.

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Movember is quickly winding down.  I am just a handful of dollars away from $500, so if you have the time, please hit my Movember page and drop a few virtual pennies into my virtual jar.

My Movember Page


I went onto Movember to find my page and I entered “Jeremy Baker” into the search.  There are two other Jeremy Bakers on this planet growing an ugly moustache for prostate cancer.

They are:

Jeremy Baker from Turner, ACT, Australia.  I am not too sure what ‘ACT’ is?  Australia Capital Territory?

The dude hasn’t done much with his Movember page… but has raised $100, so good on him.


Jeremy Baker from Wantage, Oxfordshire, England.  He is doing a little better than our Aussie cousin and has raised $200!

Wantage is famous for being the birth place of King Alfred the Great!


Zoner Capt. Kirk sent me a startling public service youtube video today.


I went and listened to, then downloaded a couple a Guns & Roses tracks yesterday.  At first I hated the record, but DW and David Eleanor swear by it… so I gacve it another spin.  I don’t hate it now… but I still don’t like it.  Sorta average.  The track “Chinese Democracy” is growing on me.  Dave says I need to get the song “Better” which is number 3 on the album.   He is telling about an insane guitar part that sounds like a xylophone.

Then he told me about this book “Last Exit to Brooklyn.”  whoa… I think I’ll need to check it out. He no steered me wrong with his last recommendation, “Night.”

We need a David Eleanor Book club to battle Oprah!

Go with yourself.

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