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Movember is quickly winding down.  I am just a handful of dollars away from $500, so if you have the time, please hit my Movember page and drop a few virtual pennies into my virtual jar.

My Movember Page


I went onto Movember to find my page and I entered “Jeremy Baker” into the search.  There are two other Jeremy Bakers on this planet growing an ugly moustache for prostate cancer.

They are:

Jeremy Baker from Turner, ACT, Australia.  I am not too sure what ‘ACT’ is?  Australia Capital Territory?

The dude hasn’t done much with his Movember page… but has raised $100, so good on him.


Jeremy Baker from Wantage, Oxfordshire, England.  He is doing a little better than our Aussie cousin and has raised $200!

Wantage is famous for being the birth place of King Alfred the Great!


Zoner Capt. Kirk sent me a startling public service youtube video today.


I went and listened to, then downloaded a couple a Guns & Roses tracks yesterday.  At first I hated the record, but DW and David Eleanor swear by it… so I gacve it another spin.  I don’t hate it now… but I still don’t like it.  Sorta average.  The track “Chinese Democracy” is growing on me.  Dave says I need to get the song “Better” which is number 3 on the album.   He is telling about an insane guitar part that sounds like a xylophone.

Then he told me about this book “Last Exit to Brooklyn.”  whoa… I think I’ll need to check it out. He no steered me wrong with his last recommendation, “Night.”

We need a David Eleanor Book club to battle Oprah!

Go with yourself.

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