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London’s The XX have a new record called Coexist out on September 11th.  Already the album is streaming for those in the want.  A remix floating around the blogs today comes from a Philadelphia producer named Skollo.  One blogger described it as a moombahton style.  Sure.

The xx – “Angels” (Skollo remix)

Download MP3 >> Angels (Sköllo Remix)


I read an interview the other day on Pitchfork with Dr. Jonathan Sterne and he was talking about his new book about the MP3.  I thought it sounded pretty neat so I emailed him and said, “I’m a radio guy, blah blah blah, send me a book.”

AND he did!

I cracked it, and the first page had an interesting quote from the 1930s.

The organic has become visible

again even within the mechani-

cal complex: some of our most

characteristic mechanical instru-

ments—the telephone, the phono-

graph, the motion picture—have

grown out of our interest in the human

voice and the human eye and our knowl-

edge of their physiology and anatomy.

Can one detect, perhaps, the characteristic

properties of this emergent order—its pat-

tern, its planes, its angle of polarization, its color?

Can one, in the process of crystallization, remove

the turbid residues left behind by our earlier forms

of technology? Can one distinguish and define the specific

properties of a technics directed toward the service of life:

properties that distinguish it morally, socially, politically, es-

thetically from the cruder forms that preceded it? Let us make

the attempt.—Lewis Mumford, Technics and Civilization

Right on Mumford… right on. Interesting character and a great way to start a book about ones and zeros and music.


Some serious thought to wrap the grey matter of my brain around.  I’ve also been thinking of writing a story.  Ugh, two actually… but they are both so weird and niche and I don’t see the end or the point yet.  That might take more meditation and a machine that adds a couple more hours to the day because right now, there just ain’t enough time.

That’s all I got, time to go read my book.

Go with yourself.

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