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whoa… where did the days go?

I took a couple days off the internets and social networking and radio broadcasting… well not all radio.  I went into the Zone on Saturday to finish up my bestest promo EVAR .  But other than that, it was just me and Maddy for the last few days before Coral came home from London.

We fought off Blue Jackets, feisty toddlers on the ferry, nasty colds, and more than a couple tumbles to make it to Day 13.  Alive.  Huzzah to baby.

I am back on the Zone tomorrow and back to blogging and an all new Capital Rock City.

There are also a couple exciting ideas I am batting around and they’ll be shared or hashed on here over the next few days.  Plus I want to deconstruct another recipe from somewhere yummy, so if you have an idea post it, and I’ll get the answers.  Coral ate the BEST Caesar dressing in her life in Paris a week ago and because I have operatives spread throughout the world (I do, its scary) I will have him go under cover to get the goods on this dressing.  And maybe she’ll let me post a pic or two of her trip on here over the next few days if you care to see pictures of building in older cities than this one.

Until tomorrow I wanted to talk about Pearls and Oysters.

Have a Listen: How are Pearls Made?

The blog still managed to generate a hit or two despite the fact I haven’t blogged in like 5 days, so thank you!

Go with yourself.

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I thought I liked oysters, but it turns out, not so much.

I went for a beer last night with Double R and his woman friend Katie.  We got to talking about Double R’s infamous birthday party back in 2006 (slaps for shots, deep fried turkey, mud stains on the floor, blood stains on the floor, David Eleanor past out on the grass).  One of the highlights was Drunkle BBQing up some oysters in the half shell.  Coated in garlic, butter, spices, bacon, and who knows what else.  I really like those oysters.

Fast forward a few months and David Eleanor is dating my sister, and the three of us hit Ferris’ for some baked oysters.  Now those were good too.

But today, I tried some fried oysters and I felt a little ill.  Too bad, because oysters ain’t cheap… even though they made me a little sick really sick, I kept on slurping those butter soak seafood stinky fatty things back.


I did buy a mighty fine raincoat today.  Our jar budget is finally paying dividends.  Corj and I looked in the bank account, and after making our first wedding payment, we still had a couple bucks.  Monsoon season is starting on the Island and I commute by scooter.  I had a raincoat, it was this wonderful dated piece that my folk bought me back in like 2000 or so, for Christmas (maybe older).  The coat served me very well over the years.  The zipper was broke, and it was worn in places, but it still kept me fairly dry and I am a dude, so I don’t update my wardrobe too often.  A couple weeks ago, I was helping my brother build a deck and I left the coat behind.  It wasn’t such a big deal because September has been so sunny, but now I think the sun is gone and won’t be back till June.  I need a coat.  I bought a coat.  The end of my story.


Remember this film?

The second half of the trailer for American pie features the song “laid” by British group James.

Everything you need to know about the band James.

Turns out the group has a new album and Pitchfork actually liked the the thing.
You can have a listen to some of the new tracks on their MySpace page.


The dude from Mastadon sucker punched King Khan!


Travis Barker (Blink 182, +44, Transplants) got in a plane crash today!


Kings of Leon are on Saturday Night Live tonight.  Neat-O gang.


uh oh, Madelyn just took a nice crash while I type this and started wailing, I better get to Daddy work!  Go with yourself.

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