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All Hands on deck and turn it up to 11…. new Puscifer.

The new song we’re going to listen to is called “Man Overboard” from a record out on October 18th, Conditions of my Parole.

Is this song the next “The Mission?”  Probably not… but its still a slinky Maynard jam.  A little sinister, spooky, nervous energy that breaks free at points to soar upward.  Have a listen to this… women and children first.

Puscifer – “Man Overboard”

Go with yourself.

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“Hey, can you play that ‘what do you know’ song?”

and thus is how half a dozen phone calls on the Zone begin for me each and everyday.

The majority of people that rock the radio every day only half listen to what is going on (heck I work on the radio and I only half listen!).  One of the most popular songs in modern rock right now repeats the line “What do you know?” a whole bunch so you can be forgiven to think the track is called “What Do You Know?”

The song is actually called “The Mission” and it is from Puscifer.



AKA: Maynard James Keenan


I know right… the same guy that brought us so many fine rock songs from Tool and A Perfect Circle and even provided the vocals to best song off The Deftones White Pony record, “Passenger.”

Now Maynard rocks a vineyard in Arizona’s Verde Valley (verde means green in Spanish!) and has a Puscifer store on top of some tattoo parlour in Jerome, Arizona.

Hang on a second, Puscifer sure don’t sound like Tool! there is some chick singing!

Oh you bet… that lovely is none other than Milla Jovovich.  She’s an actress best known for playing the hot one in The 5th Element and the hot one in that video game movie.  But I’ll always remember her as ‘Michele’ in Dazed and Confused.

Puscifer? … that sure is a funny name.

It IS a funny name.  Maynard lifted it from the first episode of Mr. Show, a funny show.

fast forward to the 3:36 mark.

Holy Moly… Ronnie Dobbs… that’s… that’s

Yeah that’s that guy from Arrested DevelopmentThe Blue Man group guy

Oh right, he was married to Ellen’s hot wife!  What is her name again?


Now where were we?.  Puscifer is the band playing the “Ronnie Dobbs” song and Maynard plays the lead singer guy.

But how come it isn’t that easy for me to steal the song off the internet?

Good question, maybe your goggle-fu is weak?

Go with yourself.

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Sara P asked me today if I had ever actually taken the time to listen to lyrics of Puscifer’s “The Mission.”

I had not.  “The Mission” is arguably the hottest song on the Zone right now with the Zone phone bursting at the seems with requests and queries for more info on the band and song… however, never has anyone dived into the lyrics until Pol Plastino did one day.  He told Sara that the line, “Bought a hot shot gat from a north end guinea” is totally racist!  SWA?

What do you know?

Pol says that “north end guinea” is a racist slang for Italian! wow.  But I think it is is referring to a citizen of Papua New Guinea?

What do I know?


neat… just before I hit publish… Tindy and Cassie walked into the studio where I am madly “creating” and asked to kick me out so they can do a little scream therapy.  Possibly the funniest thing I heard muffled through a door all day!


The new Silversun Pickups track “Panic Switch” is changing my world right now.  Fire it up!

The Silversun Pickups


Go with yourself.

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