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I don’t know how I went down a Silversun Pickups rabbit hole the other day, but the song “latchkey Kids” from their 2016 record Better Nature came up and it reminded how much I love that song. So then I saw they put a remix/acoustic ep maybe 6 months ago, and there is “Latchkey Kids” remixed by modern rocker Joywave. OK then!


My wife took the kids to the mall to see Santa the other day. The oldest, Madelyn is a veteran, but the younger two had a time. jack is almost 4 and is JAZZED on all things Christmas and presents. Coral said he was bouncing on the way and in line to see him. But when the big moment came, he just froze up and was very shy. Overwhelmed with emotion maybe? I feel you little guy. The baby/, well he just babied.

Merry Christmas! What are we, 11 days and counting?
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I really should have written a blog yesterday. So much new music to get to.

Let us begin in Philadelphia and a record I will for sure be picking up on October 30th. Beach Slang‘s The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us. Compact disc, digital, and cassette (so hot right now) but the jewel in the crown will be one of those 800 press vinyl from the Polyvinyl store.

NOISEY“…packs in their trademark hopeless romanticism and a lust for nostalgia over emotional vulnerability.” 
Grand Stand: “The feelings of youth and vulnerability lie at the core of Beach Slang‘s music, which is part punk, part pop and all catharsis. It references the ghosts of the Replacements but keeps one foot firmly rooted in the present. It’s fun and it’s serious. It’s sad but it isn’t.”

I love it.


Silversun Pickups from Silverlake, California (or is it Silver Lake?) have a new record called Better Nature out on September 25th.

Check out this short-film for the single “Nightlight.” The film was directed by Mike Pellington…Mike Pellington, you mean the same guy that directed Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy?” Yeah THAT Mike Pellington. You’re watching Meg Steedle who might recognize if you watched Boardwalk Empire.


I just posted some Four Tet the other day…and now this? A recently re-discovered Four Tet song posted up on Soundcloud.

Let’s have a listen to “BACK2THESTART.”

Free download? This song will be making the lounge set. 100%.


What else… right… a remix of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car.” I *feel* like I’ve heard this song, or a remix like it before? No matter…. Classic song, sounds good. Also a free download.


Tomorrow I should have a remix of Tove Lo’s “Bodies.” and working on interviews with Mumford & Sons, Royal Blood and Atlas Genius.

Go with yourself.

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Silversun Pickups new album “Neck of The Woods” is out now… reviews I’ve read are mostly positive.  I have only heard a couple songs outside of the single “Bloody Mary.”  So today, let’s have a listen to those… the quality sounds a little weirdo to me… but they were bounced around the emails, and saved and ripped and zipped so… yeah I’ll put them up for download but your mileage may vary.

Silversun Pickups – “Mean Spirits”

Download MP3 >> 06 Mean Spirits

A traditional SSPU sound.  I like to think of the spirits as being mischievous more than mean.

Silversun Pickups – “The Pit”

Download MP3 >> 08 The Pit

Electo sounding beats off the top?  Whoa… settle down SSPU.

If you are off to Sasquatch at the end of May…. lucky… may 28th will be SSPU.

Go with yourself.

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Mark it zero Dude… on May 15th I’ll be making my way to Ditch Records for the new Japandroids 7-inch… “The House That Heaven Built.”  Record, Celebration Rock, is out on June five.

The first single is blowing my mind… and its not even 2PM on a MONDAY! (and I got a few more songs to tell you about…)

The boys said their next record would be an uplifting party MoFo.

Brian King to Pitchfork: “But when you play for a group of people, and they’re singing the words that you wrote back to you, it just makes you feel a little bit less embarrassed of what you were trying to do. It’s something to celebrate. So, going into this album, we had a bit more confidence in ourselves and what we were doing.”

Japandroids – “The House That Heaven Built”

Kowabunga, its so good.  Kind of reminds me a bit of The Gaslight Anthem a bit?  But more rocking.  Can.Not.Wait for the new record.

A few days before I buy the Japandroids single… May 8th, new Silversun Pickups album called Neck of the Woods.
The new single is a pleasant listen… its not “Lazy Eye” or “Panic Switch” … heck I prefer “Broken Bottles” over a lot of SSPU songs, but this first single “Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)” is an airy fuzzed out jammer.

You’re getting that classic SSPU sound but I am pulling threads of modern indie rock out of this song for sure.  I don’t think, when you lay this song down beside the great body of Silversun music, you are getting a timeless career single.  But you are getting a fairly accessible light guitar rocker.  I’ll take it and give a guarded optimism rating for the record in may.

Silversun Pickups – “Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)

Lastly… I made a mixtape of the new music I put on my home playlist over the past week-ish.

Mixcloud: Mixtape >> Do Not Disassemble

So much new music today! I actually have  afew more for you, but alas, I’m outta time right now so tomorrow we’ll have a listen to new Wintersleep and Temper Trap.

Go with yourself.

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This close to Christmas… it just ain’t right to by yourself things.  But come on, new Silversun Pickups single is just a $3 digital download. I’ve tipped more money for brutal service.

For Black Friday Record Store Day the Silversun Pickups packaged up a few b-sides from the Swoon sessions.  These songs would become the “Seasick” 10 inch single.  The songs became available on Tuesday as a digital download and I finally find myself with a few minutes to listen.

So lets hit play shall we.


“Broken Bottles”

“Ribbons & Detours”

The lead and namesake single is a big meandering Silversun jam. “Seasick” might be on the a-side, but this song doesn’t scream radio single.  It is pretty and melodic… but not propulsive.  Maybe too cerebral for a modern rock radio station.

“Broken Bottles;” now here is a song that could work on the radio.  A lot of energy.  Fuzzy, twisted guitar.  Gets punchy.  I heard this song in the mix of Alt Nation on XM, sounded rad.

The final song is a slower paced cut. “Ribbons & Detours” sounds like Nikki Monninger singing.  Once agin, this song returns to a more meditative state.

All sounds good to my ears and a great little $3 investment between records.  SSPUs are in studio working on their third full length which is due in the Spring of 2012.  Right now they’re calling the record ‘3.’  Easy peasy.

Go with yourself.

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I am going to begins today’s blog with a call for help.  Dylan Willow‘s GF Jacquelyn is trying to help an organization raise $10,000 to build a school in Africa.  She asked me to find 10 people that want to give $10 for the cause.

Please take a quick sec and pledge $10 right here: Help Build a School


I thought this was pretty cool.  Trolling the doubleUdoubleUdots today, I saw an interesting fact.  Only four independent bands in the history of Billboard’s modern rock chart have ever reached number 1.

The Offspring – “Self Esteem” (1994)
Everlast – “What Its Like” (1998)
Silversun Pickups – “Panic Switch” (2009)
Phoenix – “1901” (2010)

I don’t know if Billboard has updated their chart or what, but they are still showing them at number 2 despite this news article to the contrary.  Maybe I got the wrong chart?


I know we should be thinking winter Olympics in this part of the world… but with the weather so nice, I can’t help but look ahead to baseball season.

Our local pro team is the Victoria Seals and in their second season they will begin by playing the new expansion team from Maui.

The Victoria Baseball Blog had a look at their new jerseys.  I am not so much a fan, but David Eleanor seemed to like.

ahhh, I don’t know… But I do know I’d love if we could organize a Zone road trip to Maui…

Go with yourself.

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01) Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

No record got more play at home, in the car, or in the club for me then Phoenix.  I genuinely enjoy the whole disc from front-to-back.  Remixes, love them, instrumentals are mighty, catalog (now that I am going back) all good.

02) Propagandhi – Supporting Caste

Propagandhi will be a band that i will always adore.  I forgot how much I listened to this record this year till I hit my Last FM, and for bands that had new music in 2009, Propagandhi was number 2!  I remember looking forward to this record, then getting as soon as I could.  Admittedly, a lot of those spins for this record were for the song “Dear Coaches Corner.”  My great rock and roll shame is that I still have never seen Propagandhi live, ever in all my years.

03) The Dudes – Blood Guts Bruises Cuts

The Dudes get to be one of those bands that I love hearing the singles on the Zone, and I love exploring their album.  Another front-to-backer that I can put on and let it play right through… into their previous record.

04) The Rural Alberta Advantage – Hometowns

a summer record for me.  It got heavy play on the iPod when Coral and I visited Alberta.  Just too cliche to not love while I was driving around Wetaskiwin.  Very pretty music.

05) Japandroids – Post-Nothing

Finally some local(ish) rock on the list.  I have a huge hard-on for Japandroids.  I can’t remember why I was taking the ferry by myself last year.  I am generally herding an entire family with my on the voyage, but there was a time I had the opportunity to listen to music for the crossing on the boat and Japandroids were so perfect.  “Its raining, in Vancouver… but I don’t give a fuck!”  Super fuzzy.  Super great.

06) Silversun Pickups – Swoon

This album remains a steady play on my stereo at home, I enjoy hearing the singles on the Zone and a highlight of the year in concerts was the Zone Show at the Royal.  I loved their set at Sasquatch last May.  Lots of stand-out cuts on this record, but basically, the first 5 song son the record I never skip over.

07) Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz

The sound track to our trip to the Sasquatch Festival (well this and Passion Pit and Bon Iver and Explosions in the Sky and ….).  It’s Blitz is one of the few 2009 vinyls Coral and I added to our collection and I enjoy the dancier ones when I am DJing.

08) Alice In Chains – Black Gives Way To Blue

Growing up, AiC would have to be one of my top 5 90s bands.  Their catalog songs still get regular play at home.  I wanted to pan this record when it came out but something funny happened, its good.

09) Pearl Jam – Backspacer

Another record that hipster Jeremy wanted to hate-on… but its good.  “Just Breathe” is a highlight of the my sets on The Zone Afternoon Show.  I missed the concert in Van but hear only great things.  When I read about Eddie Vedder in the music gossips its for good things.  PJ makes me smile still and I enjoy this record as a stand alone or mixed in with a set of PJ catalog cuts.

10) Passion Pit – Manners

Passion pit got slightly more spins at home this year than PJ… but PJ crushed in total times (because of the Zone) so I made PJ 9 and Passion Pit 10.  I like Passion pit at the club and sometimes at home.  Great in the car.  They were a huge disappointment for me at Sasquatch (maybe I wasn’t drunk enough?) and some album cuts I skip over.

Still, can’t deny that the songs I like from Passion Pit, I REALLY like and play them often. “Little Secrets,” “Moth’s Wings,” “The Reeling,” “Sleepyhead,” all magical.


My favourite album covers (if Coral reads this and wants to know a Christmas present) are the Japandroids, Rural Alberta Advantage and Propagandhi.  Just say’n dear.


Go with yourself.

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thanks Two for the awesome pictures. *all pictures are from Two in this post.

Monday night had a trifecta (I don’t know if that is a word or not), Monday night had three great modern rock bands invade our Island for a show at The Royal Theatre.

Before the concert all three bands came by The Zone to hang out and The Silversun Pickups and Cage The Elephant made it to The ZAS.

Here is the audio of their interviews/live performances.


Check out the stream of the event at http://thezone.fm/jeremy

we had some technical issues during the Silversun Pickups of our broadcast feed (which is what this recording is of) so the first couple songs are heavily distorted which is a real shame.  The end of the performance is decent.

The interview with SSPU was a little more awkward as we couldn’t hear each other too wel and were on a stage with everyone, so it takes me a second to get comfortable… so yeah, first half of the interview is a little weak and I apologize for that, but our second talk about the recoding process half way through the set is a little bit better.  Brian gets all James Hetfield at the performance and away we go.  Brian is singing/guitars and Nikki is playing bass.

They perform four songs:

01) “Growing Old is Getting Old” (worst of the audio)
02) “Panic Switch”
talk about recording/song craftsmanship/drilling holes in pianos
03) “Substitution”
04) “Lazy Eye” (best of the audio)

After the show on Monday, you might have found the SSPU playing bubble hockey in the Games Room of the Strathcona Hotel.

Check out the stream of the event at http://www.thezone.fm/jeremy

Matt Schultz and I talk about who he likes better, SSPU or Manchester Orchestra, what is better? a tour bus or hotel room, what are some of his favourite bands, who is he singing about in the song “In One Ear” and what is the best part of the great state of Kentucky.

I thought the interview was alright, but later that night at the Royal, I ran into Matt (he was hanging out drinking and watching the other bands in the seats with all us plebes) he was very apologetic.

After the show the groups was off to drink at local peeler bar The Fox.  (and Manchester Orchestra was at Smiths for pints).

The band performed a couple songs with brother Brad and guitarist Lincoln.


01) “Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked”
02) “Back Against the Wall”

I hope you enjoy.

Read Mike Devlin’s Review in the Times Colonist

Two’s Flickr inclusing pics of CTE and SSPU
Two’s Vimeo of the live performances


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Me and actor/director/producer/writer Eli Roth are besties!  True story, I interviewed him today about his new film ‘Inglourious Bastards,’ Brad Pitt, horror movies, how he single-handily propelled Lionsgate Studio to insane profitability,I pitched a movie idea AND recommended he check out the Silversun Pickups tonight Vancouver… all in five minutes.  Good times.  You should have a listen.

Download: Eli Roth on The Zone Afternoon Show

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This is pretty cool, The Silversun Pickups are on their way to Victoria for a Zone Show tonight and included a picture on their twitter of the Ferry ride.

Yesterday, when I was on the ferry, back from our Kings of Leon concert adventure, we saw whales!  no rock stars, but man, there were so many whales out there on the water.

KOL was a fun shit show.  Coral, Alyx, Gord and I bee-lined downtown to this little pub called Dix.  Dix serves up its own micro-brew, Red Truck.  Why do we know and love Red Truck in Victoria?  Because that fine brewery sued our friend Matt Phillips and made him stop brewing his Blue Truck. (I mean calling it “Blue Truck,” he still brews it as Blue Buck).

What ever, I forgive and I order and you know what?  Good, no Blue Truck, but a quality micro-brew at a decent price consider we were in the tourist ghetto on Vancouver.  Prices were actually pretty decent at Dix.  James and Holly showed up with James’ brother and James let us know you can eat peanuts by the bucket in Dix and toss the shells on the floor Big Bad Johns style.  Fun.

Coral and I wobbled over to GM Place after the Whigs, a couple more beers and KOL hit the stage jamming out one of my fave tracks, “Be Somebody.”

Txts from that night:

me: they totally played sex is on fire!

james: I got crabs!

me: Hey remember that time holly gave me the aids?

James: Remeber that time they played sex is on fire and I got a total semi

They basically jammed out all the hits, good set, humble guys, loud crowd then back to Coquitlam for some John B. Pub.

My sister, her BF and my brother Matt joined us and we slammed back some dirt cheap Molson.  The cover band asked for requests and I said, “KING OF LEON, SEX ON FIRE!”

The band said, “only if you sing it!”

OK.  Um, my sister has the footage somewhere.

The next day was a sunny one and we headed to the water park in Port Moody which is one of the finest family parks I’ve ever seen.  I think I have a new mission from god, and its to build a water park in Esquimalt.


right, dreams aside.  Good times.

Go with yourself.

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