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dirty narwhal
 heard it on the radio…a few sounds from the Zone @ 91-3 today.

Vancouver’s Head of the Herd came to Victoria today for a sold-out show at Lucky Bar.  I am home with a new baby so I am off the warpath for awhile…but luckily Head of the Herd came to me and performed their song “By This Time Tomorrow” on the show.

Mike Devlin over at the Times Colonist had a great interview with the band. Have a read.


Friday Night is a busy one in Victoria.  Local beauty Vince Vaccaro also had a show.  VV’s new record is called Koa and is a collection of ukulele songs. 

Vince performed the song “Here in My Place” (and I really ought to post that live cut… but while sound checking I asked him to riff a bear story into a song.

What?  Mike Devlin ALSO interviewed VV.  Have a read right here.


Finally….listening to Dylan and Jason on The Morning Zone, they were talking about Steve Martin coming to Victoria and performing at The Royal Theatre, May 12th. 

Jason is obsessed with the man. But how obsessed?  Dylan goes back to 2009…

Go with yourself.

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