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dirty narwhal
 heard it on the radio…a few sounds from the Zone @ 91-3 today.

Vancouver’s Head of the Herd came to Victoria today for a sold-out show at Lucky Bar.  I am home with a new baby so I am off the warpath for awhile…but luckily Head of the Herd came to me and performed their song “By This Time Tomorrow” on the show.

Mike Devlin over at the Times Colonist had a great interview with the band. Have a read.


Friday Night is a busy one in Victoria.  Local beauty Vince Vaccaro also had a show.  VV’s new record is called Koa and is a collection of ukulele songs. 

Vince performed the song “Here in My Place” (and I really ought to post that live cut… but while sound checking I asked him to riff a bear story into a song.

What?  Mike Devlin ALSO interviewed VV.  Have a read right here.


Finally….listening to Dylan and Jason on The Morning Zone, they were talking about Steve Martin coming to Victoria and performing at The Royal Theatre, May 12th. 

Jason is obsessed with the man. But how obsessed?  Dylan goes back to 2009…

Go with yourself.

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Lots of new music to start the show. Vancouver band Whitfield told me about their new album Tornado Cutie so I found a cut that has a nice Killers vibe to lead off the show.  Jell, a former Zone Band of the Month, still working hard and some new music from them.  A demo from Old Man Solie.  The show ends with a live performance from The Racoons.  Thank you for downloading the show, please please, please take four seconds to search for ‘Capital Rock City’ in the iTunes store and subscribe/rate/comment.  Thank you.

Download: Capital Rock City #84


DJ Notes

01) Whitfield – “Top of the World”
02) Jell – “Nothing Left to Say”
03) Old Man Solie – “Lot 9” (demo)
04) The Racoons – “Room to Operate”
05) The Racoons – “Tangiers”

CRC 84 begins with the theme song to my current fave show, “In The Night Garden.”  And why not?  I love that little Makka Pakka, isn’t that a pip?

Whitfield is a band I know of because of my Whale watching/Car Selling friend, Brendan.  He turned me on to these guys some time ago when he popped by The Mix Tape at the Clubhouse one Thursday.  Josh finally sent me an email and here we are, enjoying the opening cut to their record “Tornado Cutie.”  Great album title eh?  Whitfield would sound great for fans of the Killers or Bravery.

Jell is jamming out a concert on Friday at Sugar with Aegis Fang!  Which reminds me, I really show fire up some Aegis Fang again the show.

A couple weeks back, we all enjoyed the LIVE CRC 81 from The Black Stilt.  Well, maybe we ALL didn’t, but I had fun.  While wandering the coffee shop I ran into a worker there who was also a musician and he put his demo in my hand right there!  And you’re hearing it today!  Be gentle with your critique, it is only a an early demo, but I love hearing these raw sounds.  Very groovy party rock.  Might be better suited to summer cocktails then Christmas Rums.

The show ends with one of my fave Vic rockers, The Racoons.  They came by the Zone Afternoon Show to perform “Room To Operate.” But I demanded satisfaction and to hear “Tangiers.”  So they did both. awwww, I love those guys.

Next week on the podcast, not really working on anything to special so I’ll troll the net for some fine rock & roll.  BUT the week after, I’d LOVE to do a Christmas Capital Rock City… any bands have a Christmas song to send me?  jeremy@thezone.fm.

Then I’ll do a “Best of” as chosen by me… in 2010, already lining up a couple shows.  Aidan Knight will come, and perform and play songs from his favourite Vic rockers (and some Black Tie Social!) and then I am trying to get Forestry in here too for a CD release show.  their record is out in January 2010.

That’s all I got.  Go with yourself.

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Yesterday afternoon the boys from the band Hey Rosetta! stopped by the Zone Afternoon show for a chit-chat and live performance.  Have a listen.

Download: Hey Rosetta! LIVE on The Zone @ 91-3
Song: Red Heart
Song: Red Song

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cue up this gem from South Africa.  How exotic.

—–Original Message—–
From: rowanstuart@webmail.co.za [mailto:rowanstuart@webmail.co.za]
Sent: Monday, January 26, 2009 11:34 AM
To: Jeremy@thezone.fm
Subject: South African music

Hey, Jeremy.
Do you still play music from South Africa? My name’s Rowan Stuart & I’m a
South African solo artist. My album’s more alternative pop than rock, but
definitely worth a listen, if I may say so! I’d be happy to send you a CD
if you think your station might be interested. Otherwise, I’ll leave some
links to check out my music, in case you wanna.

Thanks a lot!
Rowan Stuart




An email from Dave between him and another Zoner behind the lore of USS’s new track, “Laces Out.”

—–Original Message—–
From: Oscar *** [mailto:oscar@***.com]
Sent: Sunday, January 25, 2009 9:20 PM
To: Dave Sawchuck
Subject: Laces Out – Ace Ventura Reference

Hey Dave,

A quick regarding USS “Laces Out” and the potential Ace Ventura.  You are right on the money.  Here’s the specific remarks from their manager when I asked:
“Yes – that’s where it’s from.  When USS performs the single live, Jay usually asks the crowd if they know which way the laces should go according to Ace Ventura – of course they yell “out” and then Jay gets into a call and response with the crowd with him yelling “laces” and the crowd shouts back out” – now they’re ready to play the song!”
All the best,


Coral and I decided long before Madelyn was even born that she would be a music snob when as she is growing up.

Teacher:  “Alright class, time to do a sing-a-long.”  How about Ba Ba Black Sheep.”

Madelyn:  “swa, That song sucks.  Just stab me in the ear, that would be easier than listening to this pedestrian shit.”

Keeping with Madelyn’s educational goals, Sara P found this wonderous product.  And hey!  Madelyn has a birthday coming up…

The Indie Rock Alphabet Book

Yeah yeah… I bought a cell phone on Saturday.  My first cell phone ever in my 29 years roaming the planet.  I love the future, I am totally not going back!

Go with yourself.

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Capital Rock City #40 is done.

Download: Capital Rock City #40

On the show today I was very lucky to get the chance to talk with Dan, Lewis and Tyson from Acres of Lions.  They brought the new record “Working” and we fired up three tracks from the album.  If interviews with bands are not your bag, fast forward to 3 minutes to get right to it.

Set List

01) Acres of Lions – “Closer”
02) Acres of Lions – “Working”
03) Acres of Lions – “Entertainment”
04) theset – “Little Ones”
05) Said the Whale – “This City’s a Mess”
06) Everyone Everywhere – “Oxberry”

Lewis’ brother Elliot is in theset and he chose “Little Ones” to fire up on the show.

Said The Whale is fronted by this cat named Tyler and I know Tyler from way back in 1999-2000ish when I was in a band.  Tyler was 15 and in a band called My Buddy Dave. I used to play them on my CiTR show, The Morning After Show.  Tyler has always been a quality guy and its great that he is still making music.  Take a moment to track down some Said the Whale.

That’s it for this week.

Next week some Justin Hewitt, Bronze Age, maybe something from Edmonton… and who knows.  If you’re in a band and want to be featured… email works, jeremy@thezone.fm.

Go with yourself.

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Yeah, that just happened on The ZAS.

Jay-Z vs. Radiohead in Jadiohead land.

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Coral is getting ready to hop on a jet plane and take her life on an adventure in Paris and London with one of her best friends.

Last year Coral was either pregnant or looking after our little baby rampage.  While this life changing event was going down in her world, three of her best friends all moved to London at the same time.

Wow right?  Coral went through a huge life experience with her best friends thousands of kilometers away.  Now our baby is almost a year old and Coral’s mat leave is ending and the chance has come for her to take a little trip with Alix to Paris and then to London.  It has been a herculean challenge for us to try and scrounge, borrow, beg and squeeze the dollars needed to jet off to London AND make sure the mortgage gets paid and the baby is fed, but somehow we managed.  BUT it still depleted our credit and our wedding savings reserve so we needed to make some changes.  For the past month our eating out has declined fairly substantially, and this month, if the cafe doesn’t have the words “value” and “menu” printed somewhere near the till we don’t eat there.  Problem.  Coral got a massive lust for Japanese Village.  Actually, she NEEDED the steak sauce.  Unfortunately, that would be like a $50 or $60 bill if we packed up our little family so we tried to make it at home.  And it was a triumph.

Coral found a recipe online and off the cuff, I mentioned it on the radio today.  By some act of God or perhaps a divine intervention by a pantheon of Gods, a Zoner who happened to be close personal friend of a chef at Japanese Village called to correct my recipe.  Here it is.  This sauce will make ANY bland home cooked meal completely destroy and will have you questioning the value and quality of a restaurant meal when the power my friends, lies inside of you… and your blender.

A Japanese Village Type Steak Sauce
makes a bunch, so consider halving the recipe

1 cup toasted sesame seeds
1 1/3 cup Vegetable oil
1 cup low sodium Soy Sauce
1/3 chopped white onion
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

The Zoner was very specific on a couple points.

01) It MUST be vegetable oil.  She not get into the reasoning, only that you shouldn’t deviate form vegetable oil
02) the low sodium soy sauce.  Regular soy sauce will make your sauce too salty.  sad Fugee face 😦

Coral and I took the toasted sesame seeds and put them in our coffee grinder first.  That turned them into a fine pulp type mixture.

Then we dumped that mess into our blender with the chopped onion, soy sauce, oil and we didn’t have any Dijon mustard so we used English hot mustard.

Blend blend blend.

Coral opened the blender and took one smell.  She turned to me with a grin that went ear-to-ear.  We did it.

Fried up some pan steaks, some minute rice and mushrooms, sprouts, peppers, zucchini and voila… Japanese Village in front of the LCD screen showing Blair looking all hot and bothered on Gossip Girl.


How bizarre. I have had a pretty lax holiday season all told.  I worked erratically over Christmas and New Years and even managed to string 6 days off in a row!

FINALLY today is back to grind, the Monday to Friday and I brimming with creative energy and I wake up sick!  BWOAR!  AND Madelyn is sick too.  Poor little monkey.  There is nothing more heartbreaking than a sick baby.  Well Marely & Me was pretty sad… but a sick baby is like, high on my list of sad things.

Not the end of the world.  I put on my big boy pants and went into the Zone to lay down Capital Rock City #39.  It is all done and tomorrow I will work with Webmeister Bud on the infrastructure needed to distribute the show over the net.

CRC #38, where we last left off, was way back in June of 2006 if you can believe it.  I got a nice phone call from a Zone back in November wonder whatever happened to Capital Rock City.  I didn’t really have an answer.  For 38 weeks at the end of 2005 and the beginning of 2006 I delivered an episode of the local music show, Capital Rock City and then one Tuesday I just stopped.

I was organizing my iTunes a few weeks ago and I saw that I had new podcasts in my Itunes thingy.  I hadn’t listened to any podcasts since I lived downtown and walked to work everyday and I had never listened to any Capital Rock City’s since… 2006.  And there the final episode sat, unlistened to in my podcast folder.

So I punched it up.  And I liked it.  I didn’t recognize myself.  It had been so long since I had had that conversation that it was like listening to another radio DJ.  I remember that summer as being a challenge.  I was still with Alex but our relationship was on the outs and we had been separated for 7 months by then.  I lived by myself in my shitty apartment in Fernwood and was uninspired by the pace of growth for Capital Rock City.  I was tired and worn out and one day, I just stopped making them.

But when I listened back, I didn’t hear that.  The show sounded fun… so whatever was going with me personally at the time I couldn’t hear.  Just some great local music and a few stories.

On top of that, since 2006 I have learned more, grown and challenged my definition of success.  The few hundred downloads that for whatever fucked reason was not good enough in 2006 is exactly something I would be very happy to generate today.  That is a lot of people listening to local music.  and 38 half hours every week is by far NOT enough time to build any sort of audience.  If the show is to gain widespread acceptance, then that is a project that gets built over time.  Every week.

Tomorrow I will post the link for Capital Rock City on this blog and I hope you take the time to download the show.  If you dig it, you’d be helping me spread the word by sharing the show.

The other thing I could use your help on is just some basic feedback on the formatics of the show.  It is still made like a linear “radio show.”  I am conflicted as to whether I like that or not (I’m a radio guy at heart and like making radio shows).  Is there a better way to present the show?

If I had the skills and finances I’d prefer to have the entire Zone dot f-m be an audio extravaganza.  something like the CBC 3 where you can explore and listen to bands and create your own playlists.  When you need help or guidance, I or another Zone jock would be there to curate.  You could listen to not only great Victoria and Island music, but also all the modern rock we play on the Zone from our playlist PLUS all the great music that you *might* like but isn’t on the Zone.  But that is more ambitious than I can tackle right now.  So it will need to be a downloadable show with music that has rights I can clear.

Ok, good talk.

I need to finish voting for the Juno Awards (I am judge for best Children’s album… SWA?), drink my hot chocolate, fire up the Frightened Rabbits on the iPod and if I don’t pass out, try and finish Tribes.

Go with yourself.

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