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Check this out… there is a girl on my facebook named Sundine Forsberg.  That’s her real name, not some hockey obsessed pseudo-name.  Crazy right?

She dropped an interesting MP3 down on my wall the other day.

Its a Dubstepped out version of Sublime’s “Santeria.”

I played this song to Jade and the first thing she said is, “hey, it has the dubstep sound.”  Ain’t that a pip?  The dubstep has a sound that every dubstep song uses.  That’s too bad for that sub-genre.  But to get geekier style, isn’t this song really Brostep?  Which is basically accessible dubstep?  And nothing is more “bro” than Sublime, period.

Sublime – “Santeria” (JPOD Remix)

Download MP3 >> sublime-santeriaJPODrmx


In other news and a little world away… I got an MP3 from Vancouver.  A band called Southern Death Threat.

As the name already suggests, its hard rock.  Not normally my style but I have found myself jamming this cut out a bit from time-to-time at work.  At first, I punched it up out of morbid curiosity, but then, I dunno, it rooted in my brain.

Southern Death Threat – “Truth”

Download MP3 >> Truth (Take My Soul)

Sometimes I just like a more simpler heavy sound.  Takes me back to being 19.  Judge me not!  But if you want something to judge


Lastly, WTF is going on in the world?

Watch This! >> Katy Perry – “E.T.”

Reason #436 we’re all doomed:

“Tell me what’s next/Alien sex/  Imma disrobe you/then Imma gunna probe you.”

No wait, I love that line!  If that is a sign of the end times in music, sign me up.

Go with yourself.

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Sam Roberts’ beard and The Stills added to Juno Awards.  Wait a minute, whoa deja-vu.

Prince sells his records at Vancityrockgirl’s favourite store!

WTF? Sublime have a new singer?

Those East Coasters recognize Hey Rosetta!  3 ECMAs.

Matthew “Abs” McConaughy jumps into the record business. SHOCKER!  Champions uplifting reggae artist.

Hey everyone a Twitter Fight between rock stars!

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