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Floating woman balloon head on a string?  check… cue up Damien Rice.

oh c’est dommage, those bloody kids sling shotted her!


In another life I used to sling coffee for the Starbucks corporation.  Oddly, one of my favourite, favourite things about the gig was the music.  Man, I wanted to work for Hear music so badly.  I used to send email after email to the Seattle office to some senior vice president chick trying to get a gig and god bless her, she returned every email and did her best to steer me in some sort of direction.

Of course, you know the story, I never got some radical music programming job in Seattle picking the coffee shop tracks for Starbucks compilation CDs but I did discover a whole world of music that I had not been introduced to before hand.

Now here I am, years later and I got a gig picking music for a restro-pub here in town.  In a round about way, living the dream.

The manager and owner gave me some direction in the style they want for the different day parts which is groovy and I am almost done, but then I stumbled on Damien Rice and I want to make a coffee shop inspired list.

I have a fond place in my heart for Damien.  When Coral and I started dating, she turned me on the man and that was about the time I went back to Starbucks (for the third time in life!) and Damien’s latest record was in rotation at the cafe.  Every morning, being up at 5:30 AM grinding the coffee of the day, jamming out some Damien Rice.  Good Times.

Maybe I’ll make one anyways, might be too mellow for the restro-pub but I’ll have the playlist for me.  It’ll have Damien Rice for sure… some Frames, Sia cuz she’s adorable… The Black Ghosts (its from the Twilight Soundrack… right at the beginning of the movie… I know I know, but its a really great song).  hmmm… what else?


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I have had a couple magical moments in my life and one of them would be the time I sat in the park on a beautifully comfortable summer day in a big American metropolis with Coral.  She was pregnant with Madelyn and we watched the Frames perform “Falling Slowly.”

Sometimes I feel the media conspires against (or maybe for me).  Certain threads across all the channels and noise emerge.  Last night the hero on the TV talked about memories.  Basically its about making them and then keeping them.  Happy blogs about people getting back together and taking trips, sad comments about marriages ending and essays on passion.

The essay on passion I can’t remember where I read it on the internet.  It was one of those hundreds of links that people puke out on Twitter all day.  I clicked it and read it and was amazed.

The writer is a man who is a writer.  duh.  He loves writing and is passionate about the experience.  He makes his living writing.  What he talked about was the plateau we all hit when what we love becomes work.  Then what do we love?

Wow.  I wish I could find the blog post because it was very inspiring.  What he talked about applies to many of our lives, whether it is relationships, friends, family or work.

I make my living in a creative industry and constantly find myself battling the beast that is, for lack of a better word, writers block.  Some days, I don’t want to be “funny” or I don’t really care to hear Pearl Jam and answering the phone for four hours and jibber jabbering about the weather is not appealing.  BUT my JOB is a Monday to Friday.  And deep down, it is what I want to do.  I guess that is what separates the truly great from good.  Ha, TV once again, “Good is the enemy of great.”  The blog had some excellent ideas for keeping the pencil sharp.

One idea that is helping me oddly, is walking.  I like to walk and listen to music.  Now I walk more and jam out some tunes that I want to hear and think.  Feels good and fills up the brain with thoughts and ideas.

Its time to feed my little baby monster and get ready to hop into the studio and craft a Capital Rock City.  I think this week I am going to sift through all my music from season one and find a few favourites.  April 10th is the 10 Year Anniversary party for The Morning After Show.  The MAS went on the radio in Vancouver back in December of 1998 and the current host, Oswaldo, is throwing a party in Vancouver and I am going to be there.

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I don’t have much anything to do with the show in Vancouver anymore, but I’d like to go and see Oz and be part of the anarchy.  I don’t have many tapes from the old shows with Paul and me, or Scott or Oz (Paul, Scott and Oz were all the co-hosts over the years and Oz took over full-time when I left for Victoria… Paul and I started the show waaaaaay back when we were just kids) but I’d like to see what I could track down and maybe make a podcast closer to April, so look for that before April 10th.  And if you are in Vancouver or want to take the trip over with me, Easter weekend, Vancouver!

Go with yourself.

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