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The people (well mostly Dave the Intern) over at The Land Conservancy of British Columbia got Madelyn and my ‘Be The Change’ video finished. ┬áHave a gander.

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Yesterday on the ZAS I had the chance to chit-chat with Farmer Dave of Madrona Farm.

Chit Chat: Interview w/ Farmer Dave on the ZAS

Madrona Farm is an organic vegetable farm just 15 or so minutes out of Victoria. This beautiful land is part of our collective natural heritage and an important contributor to our food security. However, due to increasing demands for property and living space in the Capital Region, it is increasingly difficult to grow food for our community within our city. Farmer Dave and his family are working with the Land Conservancy of British Columbia to raise funds to purchase the farm and protect it as farm land.

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<!– –>Disclosure: I love Farmer Dave because he rocks the Zone!

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