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Happy Friday! Let’s celebrate.

Future Bass as a genre in general, not my favourite, but I love the original song and this remix does scratch the itch.

and Papa.

The Killers  are in Vancouver tonight for a special return to the legendary Commodore Ballroom. If you’re ever visiting Vancouver on holiday or business and you get a chance to see a show there, that’s the place. Killers in Pemberton on Saturday. Going back in time to 2004 for this one. When is a club going to have a Millennial night? Songs of the Oughts!

Homeboy Koni with another bouncy cloud house cover. Adele… her song “Send My Love” is so hot right now.

I could actually see this Shakira remix working in the Starlight Casino.

This TLC remix only has a few hundred plays…so I don’t know. Maybe it’s not good? That’s a shame, because fun song to remix.

And Coldplay!

Get after it this weekend.

Go with yourself.

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The people (well mostly Dave the Intern) over at The Land Conservancy of British Columbia got Madelyn and my ‘Be The Change’ video finished.  Have a gander.

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Two things.

First, this blog post was/is pretty good.  People Who Are Talented

Basically the guys says… if someone is really good at something, then they are likely good at other things.  A company you deal with that is truly good at what they do, is good at ALL aspects of that business, not a few.  Neat.

and then this advice.

“Left Eye” Lopes at the Dead Rock Star Party anyone?

Go with yourself.

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