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I get a pang from time-to-time where I think it would be good to create or make something tangible.  Live in the tropics and grow stuff.

But sadly, I have no idea how to be a farmer or where I’d live.

I love coffee, so growing coffee might be fun.  But how do you even begin to become a coffee farmer?  Can I go to coffee farmer school, get a piece of paper that makes me legit then walk over to Coffee Farms R Us and use on-site financing to get a coffee farm?  Nope.

It seems to be the domain of working poor people in third-world countries or retired wealthy folks in Hawaii.

If I had to pick to be one of the two, I’d saddle up to be and be wealthy retired folk.

A quick search on the internet found that coffee farms aren’t overly expensive all things considered (I thought they’d be way more). But still outta my price range.  So maybe it’ll be my retirement goal.

But before I retire… I could take a holiday and be a coffee farmer.  My interneting took me to a website for a group called World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, or WWOOF. You volunteer your labour on a farm, and the farmer provides a place to lay your head and some food.

AND they have a ton of WWOOF hosts on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Maybe I don’t have to sell all my processions and move my little family to Hawaii… I can just take a couple weeks off around the harvest and be mercenary farmer!

I’ll just have to keep plugging my pennies in my RRSP fund and get a little more serious about retirement saving.  Yeesh, is there anything worse than thinking about retirement?  But if there is one thing I take away from Krystal’s blog, its that if you can take some abstract thoughts (like retirement) and apply practical steps today, things can happen for you.  At least now the $000s taken from my pay-cheque every two-weeks that go to some faceless account now have a purpose.

I could get used to living like this:

There is even a University on the Big Island… maybe Madelyn will want to come live with her farmer dad…

Go with yourself.

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Yesterday on the ZAS I had the chance to chit-chat with Farmer Dave of Madrona Farm.

Chit Chat: Interview w/ Farmer Dave on the ZAS

Madrona Farm is an organic vegetable farm just 15 or so minutes out of Victoria. This beautiful land is part of our collective natural heritage and an important contributor to our food security. However, due to increasing demands for property and living space in the Capital Region, it is increasingly difficult to grow food for our community within our city. Farmer Dave and his family are working with the Land Conservancy of British Columbia to raise funds to purchase the farm and protect it as farm land.

<!– –>

<!– –>Disclosure: I love Farmer Dave because he rocks the Zone!

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