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Happy Monday! Had a great weekend at home with the kids. My wife Coral went to Victoria to visit with her sister for her birthday and friends back home. So that meant Daddy Daycare on the home front (and we even watched the 2003 Eddie Murphy film…huh).

Sunday we pick Mom up form the ferry and hit Steveston for some Hogshack BBQ and waterfront wanderings.

Roll into the radio factory today checking out some new tunes and look at that, Wavves shared a song.

The song is part of a monthly music subscription service from Ghost Ramp and the single is backed with Best Coast’s Nirvana cover of “Dumb.”

Oh the next single features Cloud Nothings?!?  Nice.

Go with yourself.

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Sea Fret 1
Here is a pretty but ultimately sad song from a duo originally from the small British town of Bridlington. They go by the brand Seafret.

Their acoustic song “Give Me Something” is the title track for their upcoming ep which will be out in September.


This song is an older cut, but it’s new to me. The group is from LA… they are called Best Coast, and this lo-fi retro sounding rock & rolla is an early single of their’s from 2009.

“When I’m with you, I have fun.” d’aww.


Bastille….so hot right now. The early British single “Flaws” is charting on the alternative charts here in the BEST America. Let us do a Chainsmokers remix (yeah the #Selfie guys).

Who goes out on Mondays? #live


war on drugs
My friend Jenn went to Seattle to check out the Capital Hill Block Party last weekend. … sorry CAPITOL.

Lots of great pics on her social media from Emerald City and she got to see Philadelphia’s The War on Drugs.

The Hollywood Reporter posted their top records of 2014 (so far)…top of the list, The War on Drugs Lost in the Dream.

My friend James over at The Peak was talking about how red hot the single “Red Eyes” is on the radio in Vancouver right now…I had to pick up the record. Sunday was a lazy day. Coral and Maddy were at a birthday party and she left me with baby Jack to entertain for a few hours. I deceided we’d best use our time by heading heading downtown on a long walk, eating some Asian Street Food and buying records.


While downtown, we stopped at Foo Asian Street Food on Blanshard at Yates. Man, it was hot day, but they were all sold out of their watermelon & feta salad.

c’est dommage.

Oh wait… I can make that! I called the kitchen manager and asked him…and he gave me the recipe.

Foo’s Watermelon & Feta Salad

Pomegranate molasses & Chinese Black Vinegar dressing
Cubed watermelon
Chopped up cucumber
mint and cilantro
pepper mix (black and szechuan)
drizzle on some dressing
finish with crumbled feta

BOOM! It’s good.

Go with yourself.

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Walked into the Zone today.  Seeing as it was so nice and Coral and I didn’t have a chance to do our weekend hike.  On ym way in, i rocked my one armed backpack which is quickly becoming my second fave purchase (the hiking shoes being number 1!).

I using this backpack for all sorts of stuff, lunch kit seems to be the best use.  But it is also my handy dandy diaper bag when out with Madelyn.  Diaper bags are the most emasculating invention ever.  Its bad enough its a purse type bag.  If it were filled with gun powder and musket balls, then I could at least handle it… but then its filled with baby powder and diapers.  No fun central.

This handy little bag, way smaller, out of the way, frees my hands.  Plus I think it’ll be a godsend at the Sasquatch Festival this year (If I can get there!).

If there is one thing I hate, its being encumbered with stuff.  I want to be free.  The flip is, free equals cold, or hungry or thirsty.

This year, I’ll have a little pack, outta the way.  Next, I’ll need some hipster pants that let me zip off the legs during the day to make shorts, then at night, zip them back on.  Plus some sort of sweater that can be tucked into this pack and pulled out when I when Coral gets cold at night.

This year I applied for a proper media pass.  I hope to get a chance to record the shenanigans for a kickass podcast.  My little pack might be big enough for an audio recorder too.  I’ll let the photog haul around the visual apparatus.

With the laptop and the motor home, I can produce up a show every night for broadcast. Go technology!


Stone Temple Pilots s/t album cover

The Stone Temple Pilots record cover looks pretty groovy… man.

The new record is supposed to have a 60s vibe.  really?  I’d believe that.

We all go through a classic rock phase at some point, I am glad that Scott and the rest of the boys are going through theirs.

STP released their first new single since… 2003? on Friday night.  Pretty weird, but the stunt worked.  According Alan Cross over at Explore Music, the single was spun over 500 times in a 60 hour period across North America.  Not bad.

Now if you really want to dive into some syrupy, 60’s acid rock from California, get involved with this band, Best Coast.  The song “When I’m With You” is rad (scroll down to the bottom of the player).  “When I’m with you I have fun.”  Oh very lo-fi a dirty.  Looks like the jumping off point for this week’s mix.  Plus I’ll tuck into some “Best New” tracks and music from Pitchfork and a couple other faves.  We’ll see what plays out.  Its hard to say before I am in pajamas standing in front of the blinking lights of my rig.  I kinda want to play “Show My Ass” (MP3) but uh, yeah that might not be my style.   Coming at you tonight or tomorrow.

Go with yourself.

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