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June 16th is the day I hand the TV back to Coral… True Blood Season 6 returns on HBO.  And though soft-core porn with vampires is not my personal style, I have seen my share of episodes.

The music is always great.

The music supervisor for the show is Gary Calamar. He is a stud.  The next installment of the soundtrack, Volume 4 for those keeping score, is out on May 28th and features this jem.

Iggy Pop and Bethany Cosentino (Best Coast) duet a song created specifically for the show.  Its a neu-garage stomper.

Iggy Pop is so cool.

Go with yourself.

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Finished the most mighty of weekends… a couple fundraisers and a couple weddings made for a busy 4 days.  Somewhere in that mix I had to try and be a dad and do you know… my actual job on the Zone.

Focus was required, but hard to come by as I have my eyes firmly planted on Friday, September 23rd… Rifflandia!

OK, so Rifflandia actually begins on the Thursday, Friday is when Boitano and me DJ at the Phillips Brewery stage.  Friday night at 9PM.  After DJ Anger… and later that night; Michael Rault then one of our favourites at the Zone, Toronto’s Ko takes the stage.  Boitano says that Broken Social Scene ends just as we start… so I get if you have them as a “must see!” but maybe you’ll truly endeavour to bee-line to Phillips to catch the end of our set.  We’d really love to see some friendlies in the audience.

For our set… we are thinking that we’ll mainly try and focus on Modern Rock Remixes (Think Boitano’s Mixtape) to keep us on point for people that come to check us out.  That said… well I love my modern electronic stuff from M83 and the new Neon Indian.  I’ll try to squish them in if I can… early in the set.

I did fin a monster remix of the True Blood soundtrack!  Heavy electronic… and Vampires!  Oh My!

Jace Everett – “Bad Things” (Mister Gray Dubstep Remix)

Download MP3 >> Bad Things (True Blood Theme) (Mister Gray Dubstep Remix)

Savage.  I heard that jammer on the XM Alt Nation remix show on Saturday night.  DJ Liquid also played this remix from Oasis.

Oasis – “Wonderwall” (Figure Drumstep edit)

Download MP3 >> Wonderwall (Figure Drumstep Edit)

I’ll be choosing about half the songs so I want to include M83‘s “Midnight City” because I am obsessed.

Another song I am enjoying is Neon Indian’s “Polish Girl.”

Neon Indian – “Polish Girl”

Download MP3 >> 02 Polish Girl

I also have a remix of Two Door Cinema Club‘s “What You Know.”

OK so that is almooooooost 30 minutes.  Any requests?  And before you ask, yes I have made a commitment to end the set with Brian McNight’s 1999 slow jam anthem “Back At One.” (uhhhh if Boitano will let me and the people don’t have a revolution against me).

Right, requests… whaddya got?

Go with yourself.

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Had the strangest dream last night (yeah, this is a dream blog).

I have been reading tons of fantasy lately as I plug away through George RR Martin’s A Dance With Dragons.  Lots of sorcery and shape-shifters and things that go bump in the night.

Watched a bit of True Blood last night… lots of sorcery and shape-shifters and things that go bump in the night… and tits and vampires with perfect abs.

Last night I dreamed that I could change my appearance and I changed into an “Eric The Sexy Vampire” type dude to seduce Coral.

I tried to get her to cheat on me, with me… which she did.  It was sexy times.  When I had enough, I did the big reveal… “muhahahaha, it is I!  Evil Warlock-Husband Jeremy, not a sexy vampire.  I can’t believe you cheated on me!”

Coral said, “I didn’t cheat on you… it was you I had sex with…”

wah wah wah…. she’s always so much smarter than me, even in my dreams!

Evil Warlock-Husband Jeremy will continue to plot…


Check this rad jam out… it is from the True Blood episode “She’s Not There.”

The Zombies (who are amazing By-the-by) originally dropped this hot #2 single in 1964 and is a highlight of my 60s sets at Veneto Lounge.

When the credits rolled on True Blood and this song came up… I instantly recognized it and Coral was jiving on it too… but what is this cover?

It is Nick Cave and Neko Case… the song was commissioned for the show by the music supervisor who happens to be a radio DJ in LA on KCRW.

Neko Case + Nick Cave – “She’s Not There”

Go with yourself.

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