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My friend Megan is the biggest U2 fan I know…when I read on her Facebook that she was up at 5:40AM to hit the first ferry from Victoria to line up for a U2 concert; I had to wander down to Rogers Arena to see what was up. I discovered a delightful and wonderful tailgate carnival of international U2 fans!

and a song? How about a couple covers?

Going to the show tonight? Save me a high five.

Go with yourself.

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 European DJ/Producer Tall Sasha sent over this remake of the U2 classic, “With or Without You.”  How do they describe this?  A progressive house banger?  I like it, smooth… Natalie Major is young lovely providing the vocals.

Tall Sasha – “With or Without You” (U2 cover)

I could see an opportunity to drop this on a dance floor, but only the most progressive of weddings.

Go with yourself.

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and it sounds pretty good.  here;

Have a Listen: The Proclaimers – “17”


and in other music news.

Iggy Pop is going Jazz!

Spinal Tap is BACK! (and in Vancouver in April.)

The new U2 record is being given away for free on my show!  Review right here.

Oh! this is neat.  No Doubt will be on my fave show EVAR, Gossip Girl. (no really, I watch it every week)

and if you listen to T.I. you’re basically the dumbest person ever made.  Hey, don’t be mad at me, blame science!

Robert Smith continues to lose his mind on Radiohead.  Hilarity ensues.

and that’s that.

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