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I bought my first first Dinosaur Jr LP yesterday.  Weird, I know.  I have always had an MP3 for “Freak Scene” on my computer… and I *might* have one Alex’s old Sebadoh records kicking around in a CD bin somewhere… but it wasn’t till I finished the chapter on Dinosaur Jr in Our Band Could Be Your Life that it all came together.

I was reading this book in the summer… then lost it after the chapter on Big Black! Fuck nuts.

Maybe Nana found it because on Friday my bed was made (thank you!) and the book was just sitting by my bedside table.  And the bookmark was still where I left it.  Magical.

I tucked into the story of Dinosaur Jr on Friday and it was amazing.  The band began as a couple hardcore skids, J Mascis and Lou Barlow, coming together in Amherst, Massachusetts  in the early 80s.  The hardcore band, Deep Wound, didn’t really work for them, but when J came out from behind the kit to sing and play guitar and Lou moved over to bass… they created a new and unique still for the time.  The blue-print for what we’d call grunge or alternative rock in the 90s.

They also hated each other (or it seemed that way in the book) and by the their third album, Bug, J Mascis and drummer Murph kicked Barlow out of the band.   According to wikipedia and twitter, they are friends again and releasing new music as the original Dinosaur Jr!

I love listening to old 80 alternative rock.  Especially on my turntable.  Its more distorted (because my amp sucks) and feels more true to the style of the time.  Maybe if I could track down a cassette player, I could jam out those early Sebadoh songs too.

J Mascis says Bug is his least favourite Dinosaur Jr record.  Which probably means it’ll be my favourite.  I’ve never met the guy… only read the legend in the book… but he sounds like a challenging dude.  I guess the true artists tend to be.  Actually… most the band features in Our Band Could Be Your Life are dysfunctional.

Bug works for me because it is fuzzy, heavy, original lineup but the most accessible of the early records.

Check out a couple selections.

“Freak Scene”

Side one, track one from Bug is one of the more recognizable songs from Dinosaur Jr.  It helped propel the record to number 1 on the UKs Indie chart.  The Brits of the late 80s and early 90s were fascinated with the authentic American sound and Dinosaur had that going on.

The lyrics seem like they are directly about J and Lou’s relationship.  After reading about their turmoil and drama, then hearing this song… it adds so much weight to the story.

The final cut on the LP is a song called “Don’t.” The only song on Bug sung by Lou Barlow.  He wails over and over, “Why don’t you like me?”  The songs is noise and fury and Barlow apparently coughed up blood after laying down the vocals.  Mascis himself said it was a little fucked up to make Barlow sing this song considering at the time, the two hated each other.


So savage.  Sounds better on my stereo than in my headphones.  It needs the “room” to sound just right.

You know how much I love covers… Dinosaur recorded the Cure’s “Just like Heaven” for a compilation record, but dug it some much… they kept it for a single.  I t was released in the UK in ’89 and was their first UK chart song.  You’ll find the song now on the reissue of You’re Living All Over Me (the album before Bug).

“Just like Heaven”

That’s all I got for you right now.  Just finishing the book, Our Band Could Be Your Life and loving the chapter on Mudhoney/SubPop.

Go with yourself.

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That’s right sports rock fans, its time to put the hooks in a brand new Capital Rock City.  The march to 1,000 weekly downloads continues and it can happen if you do your part by:

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Thank you, please download away: Capital Rock City #70


DJ Notes

01) Saul – “Its Never Enough”
02) Hollydene – “Friday, I’m In Love”
03) Sunday Buckets – “Man in the Moon”
04) Day In The Life – “Where’s Your Imagination”

OK Saul fans, is it time that David got that second armed all tattoo’d up or what?

In 1992, The Cure released their 9th studio album, Wish.  One of their most endearing singles from that album was a track called “Friday I’m In Love.”  Hollydene covered it.

Last Saturday, I went to a hall party at the James Bay Rugby Club.  All the fine lovelies running around the party had the Sunday Bucket’s album blaring.  Great album.  The song I chose this week for CRC is one of their slower cuts, but it stood out for me when I placed the record on while getting ready for my radio show the other day.

The final track from this week’s Capital Rock City comes a band I think is a Jesus Rock Band?  They have that Christian vibe about them, the song I played on Capital Rock City is about not trying to figure stuff out… and having faith.  Sure, whatever helps you sleep.  DITL sent me a music video for this song.  Very DIY.  The band gets top marks for tenacity, but if rock stardom or heck… even heavy play on Christian radio is their goal, then they’ll want to think about putting more effort (or hiring someone) to record and edit their videos and music.  Coupled with the fact that I wanted to find their website to link for you and couldn’t.  or find the video on youtube for you to enjoy and couldn’t means…  I dunno… that is just weird.  Change the band name to something more unique?  Get your friends to hit your sites more so it pushes up on the google machine?

Final verdict on DITL, rough around the edges…

oh, found the video.

That’s all I got.  Off on a little vacation next week so CRC 71 will be a day or two late.  Thank you for downloading the show and taking a minute or two to read my ramblings.

Go with yourself.

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and it sounds pretty good.  here;

Have a Listen: The Proclaimers – “17”


and in other music news.

Iggy Pop is going Jazz!

Spinal Tap is BACK! (and in Vancouver in April.)

The new U2 record is being given away for free on my show!  Review right here.

Oh! this is neat.  No Doubt will be on my fave show EVAR, Gossip Girl. (no really, I watch it every week)

and if you listen to T.I. you’re basically the dumbest person ever made.  Hey, don’t be mad at me, blame science!

Robert Smith continues to lose his mind on Radiohead.  Hilarity ensues.

and that’s that.

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