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Christmas first christmas

Some diabolical arch-Christmas mad scientists studied over 200 Christmas songs to try and find out what would make the perfect Christmas song.

A musicologist from Boston Conservatory at Berkley, USA found that the perfect Christmas song would say the word “Christmas” 21 times. Just hearing the word Christmas evokes feelings of happiness in many people.  The song should be about 3 minutes long and feature sleigh bells.

Other themes the song should tackles include, love, joy, peace, and Santa. Put that song in a major key and float it around 115 bpms and you are cashing royalty cheques.

Meredith and I decided to get into the lucrative Christmas carol trade with our own Christmas song. Have a listen.

Don’t be shy, if you LOVE it…be sure to share it with all the special people in your life.

ho ho ho go with yourself.


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My favourite Christmas song is Sufjan Stevens‘ “Did I Make You Cry on Christmas Day? (Well You Deserved It!)”

I first heard the song when he released his Songs for Christmas boxset back in November 2006. The song is sad, but also so beautiful.  I like the part where he sings “I only grabbed your wrist, or would you rather we kissed?”

Merry Christmas.

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This picture makes me laugh.  My brother Matt stepped into the year 2009 days before with ring in the big 10 with a smart-phone.  He snapped this last night after Christmas dinner while we were all huddled around the TV watching “The Hangover” for the third time.

My old man got us all Team Canada Hockey shirts for Christmas.  Like everyone.  Coral got a jersey, Caitlin, my sister.  He kept one for himself.

I don’t care what your personal views on the Olympic are, Olympic hockey to me is the best tournament and I’ll be watching.  I still hope to some how finagle tickets to a game, but at the very least, I might burn some holiday time I have saved up and be in the city if Team Canada makes the final.

The laws of positive attraction right?  If I am in the right place at the right time, who knows? Maybe I’ll get in the building?

Christmas was fun as usual.  Madelyn was rightly spoiled and getting to an age where she loves toys.  She might not get “Christmas” but she sure gets Upsy Daisy dolls and play Kitchens.  She has been going a little overboard with the chocolates.

I am back in Victoria today because I had to work a radio show, but then I’ll be off to Kelowna for a couple days before coming back to DJ on New Years Eve.  If you’re looking for something fun still, maybe consider NYE at the Hotel Rialto.

Coming back to Victoria was fun. I got to ride the ferry by myself!  Riding the ferry by myself is a rare treat since having Madelyn.  I forgot how easy and pleasant the boat is when I walk on just before sailing, read a National Geographic and walk off the other side.  Gave me a great opportunity to decompress and daydream about escaping to the South Georgia Island.

If you ask me what I want to be when I grow up, on the list between Medieval Knight and Ensign Baker on the USS Enterprise; would be explorer.

There are not too many places left on the map to explore anymore.  Its has a future job prospect level that is low, right around steam engine operator and radio broadcaster.  Still the idea is romantic.

National Geographic  was talking about these remote islands in the South Oceans near Antarctica that teem with arctic critters like penguins and seals and whales and any number of birds.  There are old rusted out whaling stations, some old cannons from World War Two, a restored church, a museum and not much else.  Some scientists a reckon.

I think it would be pretty neat to go there.  I could just hire on to some sort of Adventure Tourist outfit I suppose, but their rates start at $11,000 US!

Maybe after I win the lotto but before I launch my AM radio station?  maybe…

rusted out sealing boats in Grytviken, South Georgia Island.

Go with yourself.

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Doh!  I didn’t save the audio from my most recent interview with the Quin twins, Tegan & Sara.  But Two took pictures so I have photographic proof!

Interviewing Tegan :: 20091221

Interviewing Tegan :: 20091221

Sara and Tegan Quin :: 20091221


Ok, I wanna run and get a couple last minute presents and need to be back for noon to get the bird ready for the oven, the presents wrapped and the first rum and eggnog down the hatch (might even have a couple Winter Ales hiding somewhere).

So punch up Its a Capital Rock City Christmas! look at Eric Porchers’ inspirational Christmas message, try to find Vancityrockgirl’s Breakfast Muffins and I’ll see you maybe tonight at the Clubhouse or rapping at cha on The Zone on Boxing Day.

Oh that film 500 Days of Summer was cute… Mika Friday Night Lights chick is barely in it; but Zooey The chick from Elf is super adorable so its all good.  That’s all I got.

Merry Christmas …. with yourself?  sure.

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well that is the forecast.

I have always been pro-snow.  I am wee bit concerned if it dumps and dumps tonight while I am DJing.  I know the Jeep will fine, but what if it scares people away from tipping pints?  I am some what encouraged by this story in the Times Colonist today.

Shoppers Out in Force Despite Snow

+++ uh oh, just got word from Bret at the Strath:

Hey man,
Just got our of the managers meeting and as the weather looks poor tonight I have been instructed to cancel the show. They think the clubhouse will close early. Sorry man.


And once again, David Armano blows my marketing mind.

The Human Feed

Go with yourself.

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I sitting here in front of my fake fire, looking over the news, looking out the window at all the snow and looking at Madelyn play with the Christmas ornaments she has pulled off the tree (Coral puts the body count at 7).

I have a weird week of work.  On the show today and tomorrow… then off for the 24th and 25th.  Then I’ll be yapping on Friday.  Boxing Day will actually be a busy one for me.  After the show, I’ll bee-line down to the Jellyfish Lounge downtown to DJ and MC the Armchair Cynics and Acres of Lions show.

Coral wrapped presents like crazy last night.  We have them all piled up on the table to keep them out reach of little Miss baby RAMPAGE.  I think we kept our Christmas budget in check pretty good.  Coral goes back to work in February but her benefits end sometime in January so there is a dark side of the moon moment when we have lots of money coming out and little coming in, so we needed to set some cash aside.  The fact we got a table of presents and still some money in the bank makes me feel good.

Coral was concerned that we should have bought more for Madelyn.  But cardboard tubes of wrapping paper get her all giggles, so I am not too worried about her.

Go with yourself.

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I read a couple news stories today that had me scratching my head.  The first is a sad tragedy with an ironic twist.

A Montreal woman that drives for a charity that drives drunken party goers home was killed by a drunk driver! like SWA?  indeed.

and then how about this conundrum out of P.E.I.

A Co-Op that prides itself on selling local produce out sources its charitable turkey buy to Manitoba because… the price is better. Whaddya do?  They got a better price and could feed more needy families.

A real neat discussion on the comment section of thit story as well.  local vs. price… the battle that we all have.  The best thing I read is; buying local (sadly) is a privilege.   Ain’t that the truth.

Go with yourself

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